Understanding your thyroid – what you really need to know

Not everyone is aware of the how important it is to take care of our thyroid, and its impact in our system. I am complete aware of this, for I have two relatives who have suffered from goiter before, but unfortunately, one of my titas died of thyroid cancer.

According to a study by the Philippine Society of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism in 2012, one in 11 adults have goiter, and around one in 12 Filipino adults suffer from different forms of thyroid disorders.

Awareness for tyroid disorders are so low, that most Filipinos think that thyroid disorder symptoms are mostly associated and mistaken for other diseases, and some even ignored these symptoms, not knowing that it’ll lead to something worse.

Dr. Nemencio Nicodemus, Jr., President of the Philippine Society of Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism

During the bloggers event held by Merck, Dr. Nemencio Nicodemus Jr. talks about the importance of our thyroid in our system. What’s really interesting is that it has different kinds of thyroid disorders that has different effects on our system.

Hypothyroidism patients are those have fewer thyroid hormones and tends to have a slower metabolism than the usual; they gain weight easily despite not eating too much, they move and speak, gets depressed easily, hates the cold weather and have irregular menstrual cycles.

Hyperthyroidism patients are the exact opposite of those who have hypothyroidism – their thyroid hormones are more abundant than usual and they tend to be very much active than the usual, they lose weight easily despite having a huge appetite, have heart palpitations, irritable thoughts and insomnia, have sweating and heat intolerance, and can have tremors.

Here’s what I also learned about this meetup:

  • Taking contraceptive pills and other medicines can also trigger this disorders – contraceptives are more common to be the cause of thyroid disorders for women. Other maintenance medicines can also be a cause for this disorders too.
  • It can also be hereditary – If you have relatives who have thyroid disorders, or relatives who have, or died of thyroid cancer, then there’s a big chance that you have one too.
  • Thyroid disorders can be a prelude to major diseases – that is why it is important to take note of the symptoms and have it checked, before it’s too late.
  • If you are diagnosed to have thyroid cancer, don’t fret! – Thyroid cancer is curable if detected early.

To learn more information about thyroid disorders, you can visit www.thyroid.ph. And remember, it pays a lot to be informed. 


Iconic Anime series now available on Iflix!

Classic Animes on IFlix!

Good news to all anime fanatics! Classic anime series are now available for streaming on Iflix!

Together with Telesuccess Production Inc., Iflix members can now watch Voltes V, Daimos, Hunter X Hunter, Fairy Tail and Tenjo Tenge and is now available in Tagalog dubbed format. Voltes V is also available in english dubbed format.

Now available in Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Brunei, iflix will continue to roll out its world-class service to key additional emerging markets in the coming months. Offering consumers a vast library of top Hollywood, Asian regional, and local TV shows and movies including many first run exclusives and award winning programs, each subscription allows users to access the service on up to five devices, including phones, laptops, tablets, and television sets, for viewing wherever, whenever. iflix subscribers can also download TV shows and movies from iflix’s extensive catalogue for offline viewing. The service is priced at only PHP 129 per month in the Philippines for unlimited access with no ads!

For new subscribers, iflix offers a complimentary 30-day trial with full access to its world-class service, features and content. To register, Go to www.iflix.com.


Ultraman Ginga S Movie – SM Cinema Family Day exclusive Movie this September!

Ultraman Ginga S official poster
Ultraman Ginga S official poster


SM Cinema Family Movie Day is back!

This month, SM Cinemas will feature this action-packed movie based from the sentai series – Ultraman Ginga S!

I’ve been a fan of the series since the day it was aired in the 90′s. The Tagalog dubbed series is something that I look forward to. Its action scenes and its storyline is not to be missed, and also the series of Ultraman warriors featured in every series.


The Ginga S movie is actually a sequel to the 2014 TV series that also features past warriors from the Ultraman series. Hikaru and Shou, the men behind Ultraman Ginga and Ultraman Victory, join forces to stop the evil forces of Etelgar, an evil space warrior who is using the alien princess Alegar to trap every Ultraman hero in the galaxy.

This is indeed a must-see movie for every Ultraman fan, and for the family too! The english-dubbed movie will be definitely enjoyed by the whole family.

Check out the preview here, posted on my IG:

Catch Ultraman Ginga S live!

The SM Family Movie day just got even better! a special meet and greet with the Japanese actor of Ultraman Ginga S awaits, so catch Ultraman Ginga S on the following schedules:

Sept 10:
SM Mall of Asia – Cinema Lobby – 12pm – 1pm
SM Southmall – Cinema lobby/mall area – 5pm – 6pm

Sept 11:
SM Megamall – Cinema lobby – 12pm – 1pm
SM North EDSA – Cinema lobby – 5pm-6pm

See you there!



Unionbank Hackathon and Convention 2016 – Manila Leg

An exciting week has concluded for all IT developers and entusiast as Unionbank hosts the 2nd leg of the Unionbank Hackathon and Convention (U:Hac) last August 27 and 28, 2016 at the SM Megatrade Hall.

“FinTech Trends and Innovation Disruption in Banking”

Since Unionbank has been The forefront of the digital innovations in the banking industry, the theme for this event gives focus on creating innovations and digital banking solutions to make things easier for everyone.

Day 1 – hackathon day 1 and convention

A total of 60 teams of students and professionals marched in as they brainstorm and create ideas to be presented in the event.

While the hackathon is ongoing, A convention about the trends on the FinTech industry is taking place. Featured speakers from UnionBank, DragonPay, Coins.ph Acudeen Technologies and other companies were invited, covering

topics that include:

  • Innovation is in the UnionBank’s DNA
  • Roadmap of Philippine Fintech Startups
  • Innovations in Data Science and Financial Technology
  • Invoice Innovation
  • Global Money: Top Trends in Mobile Money and Banking

Day 2 – Hackathon day 2 and announcement of winners

The teams of professionals and students are rushing to complete their proposed programs and applications as the hackathon is finally closed. all 60 teams pinched their ideas to make an impression to the UBP judges and mentors.

SET 1:

TEAMS: 2xJR, 3J’s, 4XP, Apple PI, Arctic Devs, Balisong, Bathhala, Chibot, Code Awesome, Code Sword, CodeBehind, CRAV, Flowers, FLUX.

JUDGES: Henry Aguda, Jojo Flores, John Gonzales.

SET 2:

TEAMS: Fraud Alert, Front n’ Back, GibLynx, Grupong Pilantropo, Haraya VR, Hatchit Solutions, HexDev, HeyPay, Innov BBz, Jackcoder Development Team, JUMPER PEEPS, KidTipid, Koud, LETS GO and LongClaw.

JUDGES: Dennis Matutina, Arup Maity, Michelle Rubio, Chris Misola.

SET 3:

TEAMS: Pata Team, PocketMarket, Pumping Lemons, r2bt, R4, seDATA, Silicon Implant, SMART Gilas, SPCBA, Static CJ, Swordfish, Tab, TAHO (Team Anime Holics Organization), Team Distress, Team Dublin & MJ Squad.

JUDGES: Martin Reyes, Edison Go and Martin Lopez-Vito.

SET 4:

TEAMS: Team Fibo, Team Huyu, Team Mamba, Team Poli, Team TBD, Team WP, Team Zealotus, teamBANG!, TeamBCSAD, The Coders Initiative, U:Hac, Wai Hasol, White Cloak, Yamete Senpai, Sanchez Patrick.

JUDGES: Mon Duarter, Paolo Baltao, John San Pedro.

The team’s presentation were judged according to its Technical Difficulty, Innovation, Business Impact and Demonstration. Out of 40 teams, 12 teams were chosen.

Top 12th Finalists: Yamete Senpai, Static CJ, Code Awesome, KidTipid, Chibot, White Cloak, FLUX, HeyPay, the Coders Initiative, JUMPER PEEPS, Team Distress, and Silicon Implant.

the top 12 teams presented their projects again, this time to all the judges, mentors and to the public. Everything is impressive, and some gave constructive criticism. But overall, three teams stood up the most, emerging them as the winner in this year’s hackathon.

The Winners!

2nd Runner up – Static CJ
Their team developed an application that will simplify the process of financial transactions, making it accessible to small businesses and consumers. Their team won Php 40,000 cash prize.

1st runner up – Chibot
Chibot won the cash prize of Php 60,000 by creating a virtual bank that enables clients to gain understanding to the offered banking services.

Grand Prize winner – White Cloak
White Cloak’s SIRI-inspired application – called the UBANK, solves the process of telebanking, while ensuring the security of the user’s bank account.

Their outstanding innovation and presentation really wowed the audience, making them the winner of this hackaton. They went home with a total of Php 160,000 pesos as their cash prize.

U:HAC 2016 was organized in partnership with eon, UNIONBANK, getgo cebu pacific, UREKA, UNIONBANK Customer Finance, ip-converge, A Space Cebu, PLDT Innolab, Manila Workshops and Blast ASIA.

University Partners: CODEC Coder’s Development Circle, School of Management and Information Technology, Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Technological University of the Philippines, and Technological Institute of Philippines (TIP).


What to expect from One Piece Film: Gold

I’m back!

Hello guys, I’m back from blogging! and I have sooooo much to tell from you guys, from the reason why I’m on hiatus (im only active on twitter and on instagram, follow me!) and on the new discoveries that I’ll be sharing this coming days. :)

But for now, let me share this amazing anime movie that will be showing here soon, One Piece’ 13th movie installment: One Piece Film: Gold.

One Piece Film: Gold – official poster

If you follow the anime series (I only follow them on manga lol!) then this is a must see movie for all fans of the straw hat gang!

On this 13th movie installment, The future king of the pirates Monkey D Luffy, along with Nami, Roronoa Zoro, Sanji, Usopp, Nico Robin, Franky and Tony Tony Chopper went on to another adventure to remember in the fictitious Gran Tesoro-an independent country recognized by the world government that its known for its greatest entertainment.

There, they meet the casino king/devil fruit user Gild Tesoro, who also happens to own and control the island because of the Gol Gol fruit. Tagging along with his crew are named Carina, Dice, Bacarrat and Mr. Tanaka. From there, they enjoy the lavish lifestyle (and their awesome luck) that the fabulous island has to offer, and they will soon discover something underneath that will definitely shocked them all.

Crazy fun, laughter, action and adventure awaits on their the 13th movie, and additional characters and extras are yet to be seen. So expect the unexpected from our ever-gullible Luffy and the straw hat gang!

The anime movie is directed by Hiroaki Miyamoto and illustrated by Eichiro Oda.

One Piece: Gold will be shown in Philippine theaters on August 31. So watch out for it! :D