The Hobbies and Collectibles Convention 2017 quick review

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I was able to drop by to the Hobbies and Collectibles Convention 2017 last January 14, 2017 while accompanying my boyfriend and his office colleague to one of the service centers in Megamall. Good thing that they’re also geeks at heart and they are easy to talk to when it comes to otaku stuff and toys in general.

Who you wanna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!
Hail thee Princess Leia!
Marvel universe!
Chewie, Han Solo, Obi Wan Kenobi, R2D2, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker.
Japan-Japan inspired Star Wars pa rin
Chibi Voltes V!

Upon entering, we were greeted with the huge display of Star Wars, Marvel and Ghostbusters collection from toy collectors. A huge display of Voltes V display is also present in the event! who would’ve thought of having this in full display? :D

Gunpla for sale!
commissions, anyone?
nananananana BATMAN!
Anime figs!
WANPANMAN! I just finished this series last month!

Gundam kits are on sale, and there are anime sets that are on sale. Art commissions are also abundant, and they even had a 90′s kid lego set! My boyfriend bought 2 sets btw hahaha!

Minako Chan! Got this baby from the auction!

They had an auction for different plushies for everyone! all the bids started at 1 peso going up (depends on the plushie) I was able to get a Minako Aino plushie for 90 pesos and a dissected fish plushie (lol!) for 50 pesos, I think it’s a steal! :D

ongoing auction
Pinoy lego! Batang 90′s can relate!

Before we went home, cosplayers are starting to line up for the cosplay competition. One thing I noticed is that most of them playing as their favorite DC and Marvel characters. I saw someone also playing as a character from Final Fantasy that I forgot to take a “stalker shot” lol! :P

The event was indeed small but we had fun because of the Sailormoon plushies that I scored during the auction, and because of the boys who went with me. They also had fun because of the gunplas that are on sale and the magnificent toy display.

The venue is small for the event I think, and the had limited stalls for food. But the good thing about the event is that despite the limited space, you can still move around. The entrace for the convention is also reasonable for 100 pesos.

Here’s some of the pics from the convention!

More figmas, Figuarts and more!
I see Luffy! and Goemon!
Pokemon! Gen 3!
Marvel Universe!
Voltron, Voltes V, Spitited away, Totoro
Mystic Messenger!


I’ll be looking forward to their 3rd installment of the The Hobbies and Collectibles Convention next year! :D

Meet and greet with the people behind the Chan Lim Family of artists and students exhibit


The Chan Lim family of family of artists and students exhibit has been opened last January 15, 2017 at The Block, SM North EDSA. I was able to cover the event, with notable action star Robin Padilla gracing the event. (Check it out here to know more!)


Last week, January 29, 2017, the people behind the exhibit had a meet-and-greet and with the media and bloggers. It was presided by Dr, Chan Lim, the patriarch and the head of the Chan Lim Clan. The meet and greet is part of the celebration of the patriarch’s 80th birthday, an auspicious year for Chinese.

Lucky that I was able to be with Mr Alex Chan Lim during the tour, and he explains the beauty of each porcelain and scroll painting, the techniques, the intricate strokes, and the celebration of love in each craft. The porcelain painting is something that is unique in the Chinese culture, and the scrolls has its own story. You can tell that each masterpiece is indeed a labor of love.

P_20170129_163434 P_20170129_170118 P_20170129_170020 P_20170129_165956 P_20170129_154141 P_20170129_154128 P_20170129_154105 P_20170129_154055

To those interested on learning the art of Chinese painting, the Chan Lim Family of artists and students exhibit is open for art classes! Their family studio/gallery is situated in Pasig City. Do shoot them an email at for inquiries.


Catch the Chan Lim Family of artists and students exhibit at The Block, SM North EDSA!The exhibit will be until February 12 so don’t miss it!

Chan Lim family of artists and students exhibit at SM The Block Atrium!

P_20170115_182322The Chan Lim family of artists once again showcases their art as it opens their exhibit at the SM The Block North EDSA last Sunday, January 15, 2017.


The exhibit also coincides to their patriarch’s 80th birthday, Dr. Chan Lim, and with lieu with this event, they will be organizing 8 exhibits around the Metro for this auspicious year. Their exhibit at the Block features hand painted scrolls and porcelain paintings from the master painter itself, his children, grandchildren and his students who took up classes under his tutelage.

P_20170115_155212 P_20170115_161249 P_20170115_165514

The opening of the exhibit has started with basic Chinese painting lessons from his students. I was given a chance to do some simple paintings, i.e. bamboo shoots, leaves, flowers and fruits with simple strokes and the blending of colors. Special thanks to my sensei Ashley who taught me how to paint! :D

P_20170115_172225 P_20170115_172713 P_20170115_173028 P_20170115_170354

Before the formal opening of the exhibit, there are Cultural performances to celebrate the colorful Chinese culture and its heritage. There are also opening remarks from the members of the Chan Lim family and from the famed actor Robin Padilla, who happens to be a family friend of the family of artists.

P_20170115_175204 P_20170115_174725 P_20170115_175020-edit

The Chan Lim family is one of the few remaining Chinese brush painting artists in the country. Being the most notable in this medium, they are sought after for their remarkable talent and expertise here and abroad. They also offer classes in their family studio situated in Pasig City.

P_20170115_182339-edit P_20170115_183043 P_20170115_182849 P_20170115_182728 P_20170115_182721 P_20170115_182308 P_20170115_182213 P_20170115_182151 P_20170115_182133 P_20170115_182118 P_20170115_182104

The Chan Lim exhibit at The Block Atrium will be February 12, so don’t miss it!

To know more about the Chan Lim family of artists, visit their website at and/or email them at

In Verbatim – Philippine Madrigal Singers’ Trionfo


I always see to it that I’ll be attending every concert from the Philippine Madrigal Singers, and their last concert is one for the books!

p_20161008_194129 p_20161008_194134

Their Trionfo concert features songs that they performed during their stint in Arezzo, where they bagged the championship and their qualification to the European Grand Prix for this year. I’m glad that I didn’t miss the event with #LeBoyf, and coming from their life streams and recordings, listening to their songs live is pure intimate bliss.

With my partner in crime, #LeBoyf!


The lobby of the CCP Main theater is JAM PACKED! tickets were sold out and it is a night to remember. the joy of listening to the most beautiful sound on earth is heaven on earth, and I am proud of this group for bringing the choral scene to greater heights. they are awe-inspiring, and humble, and heart-felt.

Here’s the photo dump with my favorite MADZ people and my fellow chorister friends!

With #LaKathsera and he friend! and #LeBoyf!
With my favorite MADZ tenor, Itchie!
With my favorite MADZ girlies, Trish and April <3
With Frank! <3


Catch the latest from the Philippine Madrigal Singers on their website, on Facebook and on Youtube!



Revisiting Plana’s Pantry – now with group meals for sharing


It’s been a while since I visited Plana’s Pantry, and missed their homey feel of the place and the wide assortment of dishes for everyone. Their instagram-worthy facade is indeed a must, and their location that is tucked away from the city proper makes it a must-go place for dates and group convos with family, friends and loved ones.

p_20161118_190729 p_20161118_190752 p_20161118_191312 p_20161118_191323

I went to visit their place again sometime in November, and this time they are offering group meals for small and large gatherings! Now that is another reason for me to visit this quaint place to dine in.


Take a peek on what’s included on their together meals:


Tomato Basil Shrimp Pasta – Al dente, savory, tangy. Their cheese bread is a must, best eaten when hot to savor the gooey cheese inside the bread.


Bacon Carbonara – The perfect balance of the carbonara sauce topped with bacon bits fits the bill. and also, don’t forget the cheese bread!


Hickory BBQ ribs – one of their best sellers, best served with pesto rice which is included in their set menu, one of the best i’ve tried!


Chicken teriyaki – it has the right balance of sweetness that is also perfect with their pesto rice.


Lengua – I admit I’m not a fan of the dish but this from Plana’s is something I recommend!


Their group meal also includes corn and carrots, their muy delicioso pesto rice and their refreshing iced tea.

Their group meals are available all year round! Check out the prices for their Together meals:

  • 4-5 pax – P1130
  • 8-10 pax – 2950
  • 14-15 pax – 4525
  • 18-20 pax – 6535


Plana’s Pantry also sells cookies and cakes in their Quezon City branch, you can choose from the following: Gooey Choco Caramel, Carrot Cake, Midnight Chocolate (P950 each), and Winnie’s Chocolate Cookie (picture above) (P65/pc)

Visit Plana’s Pantry in their Mandaluyong and Quezon City branch to avail on their wonderful meals! <3

* all pictures were taken in Plana’s Pantry Mandaluyong branch.

Plana’s Pantry – Mandaluyong branch

RL Building, 50 Domingo M. Guevara, Mandaluyong, 1550 Metro Manila

Plana’s Pantry – Quezon City branch

Hi-Top Supermarket Building, 1650 Quezon Avenue, Corner Sgt. Esguerra Avenue, South Triangle, Quezon City