New anime series in Animax: Nisekoi and The File of Young Kindaichi R!

Animax will be unleashing new anime series for all otakus of all ages. Animax has got it all covered, for they had the wide selection of anime series has to offer.

Monday and Tuesday,8pm, 2 Episodes back-to-back 

The File of Young Kindaichi R is a Japanese mystery anime series created by TOEI Animation, the same studio that created anime hits like Bishoujo Seishi Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball series, Slam dunk among others. If you are a fan of Case Closed/Detective Conan by Gosho Aoyama, then you need to look forward to this anime series.

Wednesday and Thursday, 8pm, 2 Episodes back-to-back

Nisekoi is the story of two high school students who are both children of opposing gangs. Raku Ichijou from the Yakuza family and Chitoge Kirisaki of the rival gang American Bee Hive’s story starts when they are forced to become lovers in order to keep their family rivalry at bay.

Tune in to Animax for more of their anime goodness. Catch them on SKYCable Channel 46, Cignal Digital TV Channel 34 and Dream Channel 07.


Desperate move or harsh truth?

screencap from the controversial political ad. watch at your own risk.


I’m still shocked at political ad that has been aired last night about the presidentiable cussing on different issues, with a child emulating him. While many of us (me included) condemned the video for using the child for mudslinging and some think of it as a desperate move from the certain vice presidentiable, it’s sad to say that this is the harsh truth that is happening in our society. And we are still in denial for it just days away from May 9 and the certain presidentiable’s supporters are pointing fingers on who’s really to blame on showing this political ad on primetime. (Arrived late last night, learned bout it on facebook and I’m not keen on watching telenovelas, anime nalang pls?)

It is true that values and morals should start in our parents and family, but go outside and look at the streetchildren and their parents. they are all rude, rawdy and cussing all over and they just don’t care. It’s been like this everyday in where I lived, as our not-so-friendly tambay kids shouting and cursing and cussing around even at midnight. There are some doing their pot sessions and the stench are so filthy that it reaches our humble home now.

While we condemn this ad for its content, are you ok with having a president na nambabastos na nagmumura on a daily basis? someone who lies more often? someone who has an undeclared assets and liabilities? someone who receives gifts from donors and friends while at the office? someone who is willing to give up one of the islands to the enemy territory? someone who jokes about rape? I don’t think so.

I really hope that they could open their eyes to the truth. Let’s all vote wisely.

How 4Ps helped the underprivileged



Image is obviously mine, posted before when I covered the 4Ps event

I remember the time that I went to the Manila Post Office to cover an event in behalf of Astig.PH about the distribution of the prepaid cards to the recipients of the MCCTs or the modified conditional cash transfer as part of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program, or 4Ps.

Started as one of PGMA’s programs, it’s a good thing that PNoy has continued this program to help the underprivileged.

But as the campaign surfaces, various programs from candidates has plans for the said program. One of which is Mar and Leni’s promise of continuity and improvement of such campaign.

I remember during the MCCT event that I covered that there are so many who needs help, and I’ve only seen Manilenyos and Manilenyas benefiting from this program. It makes me realize how this program benefited homeless street families, indigenous people and displaced families so that they could send their children to school and to improve their way of living.

I think with Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo’s plan to institutionalize the program and making it into a law, it’ll be a great thing for sure! I really pray that the poorest of the people will improve their lives through this program and will rise up again.

It is all about continuity and improvement of our way of living. This is one of the reasons why I’m all for RoRo!

Leaders by example: Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo

Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo

I applaud these candidates for the moral stance and leadership. And here they are, slowly-but-surely rising their way to the surveys, especially now that elections are just days away.

So why RORO? I made it clear before that if not for Miriam handpicked BBM as her VP, I would’ve go for her and Leni. Mar Roxas is my second choice, until I realize that he is indeed the best choice along with her running mate Ms Leni Robredo.

On Mar Roxas

I’ve seen personal testimonials on how Mar Roxas is as a boss and a leader – consistent, detailed, meticulously planned. His stint as the DTI secretary is proof, along with the bills that it was passed and implemented. His job as a DILG secretary, as I observed, was one of the toughest that I’ve seen, especially during the Bohol earthquake and the supertyphoon Yolanda, that I think until today, it’s been blaming him on the slow process and not the people from the local government who I think, needs to take action. His visits are mostly unannounced, and I think media is not needed for the much-needed exposure for his achievements imho.

On Leni Robredo

Leni has been a public servant ever since. She is a human rights lawyer since then before she became a congresswoman. Her service has been admired by many, especially now that she’s hands-on in supporting the Sumilao farmers during the campaign.

Both of them are leaders by example

As I observed, they are all for humility and not for grand gesture. For me they are the true leaders by example that doesn’t need any grand exposure from the media. For a true leader is someone who can reach out to everyone and has the heart for all.

My vote, my choice

image is obviously not mine
image is obviously not mine


I had hesitations on blogging about politics and in this coming elections before for it has been a sensitive issue, but I realized that I have the right to speak my mind.

As a digital influencer, I believe that having an integrity and heart in blogging is what makes each blogger unique. This online journal has been my voice for so long, hence this post.

Writing about my choice of candidate takes massive courage and heart. And to be honest, it makes me more excited everytime I write about Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo.

My vote will def go for Mar and Leni. Not everyone agree on my choice, and the only way to do on my part is to defend my stand and to educate people on their choices. I learned how to fight morally. I choose to ignore the trolls. I learned how to counteract the negativities, the cyberbullies, the photoshoped pictures and the false/irrelevant news and information that is now surfacing online with a more reliable news and information. I choose the truth and to spread the truth.

This is why I will vote for my candidate for he/she is the man of intellect, integrity and respect. I will vote for my candidate for I wanna preserve the freedom that I’m having right now. I will vote for my candidate because of their large-scale, feasible and realistic platforms, continuity of the increasing economy done by the previous administrations, and the implementation of the corruption-free country. I will vote for this candidate for he will have the right judgement and heart to pick the right people for his cabinet. I will vote for my candidate for he is a true leader by example. I will vote for my candidate for he makes more sense than the rest.

I will vote for my candidate for it is my right to do so.

To everyone reading this, I pray that you will also make the right choice. Read. Research. check on their platforms. Make a background check. Make a balanced review. Check on their pros and cons. And by that, you can make the right choice. Make your votes count and your voice be heard. And lastly, Pray that we could have a right president who has the right heart and mind to lead our beloved country.