Animax December 2016 lineup!


Anime lovers will surely love the curated selection of anime series spanning the genres of action, romance, and comedy, making it a delightful December for anime lovers everywhere!


One Punch Man Marathon

Relive the excitement of One Punch Man with a full marathon of the series this year-end! Don’t miss the heroic exploits of superhero Saitama as he power-punches his way through hordes of monsters and villains, destroying each of them with a single punch!
The One Punch Man Marathon airs on 17 & 18 December, Saturday & Sunday at 9:00 pm.


Naruto Movie Stunt

Naruto, the world’s most popular ninja, is back in a special movie marathon that showcases seven action-packed feature films, including; Naruto the Movie: Legend of the Stone of Gelel; Naruto the Movie: Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom; Naruto Shippuden the Movie: The Lost Tower; Naruto Shippuden the Movie: Blood Prison; Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie; and The Last:Naruto the Movie.

The Naruto Movie Stunt premieres on 24 December, and airs every Saturday & Sunday at 9:00 pm.


My Love STORY!!

Will Love Conquer All?

Popular among boys for his athletic abilities but hated by girls for his menacing appearance, gentle giant Takeo Gouda has resigned himself to his fate of having every girl he likes fall for his best friend, the charming Makoto Sunakawa.

When he saves the sweet Rinko Yamato from impending harm, a unique love story develops between them, and Takeo finds his love life taking an unexpected turn! My Love STORY!! premieres on 26 December and airs every Monday & Tuesday at 8:00 pm, with 2 episodes back-to-back, first & exclusively on Animax.


Gatchaman Crowds Insight

A New Breed of Superheroes

The high-tech city of Tachikawa is once again under siege. The CROWDS technology – a system developed by genius Rui Ninomiya, which gives the human mind a physical form – is being attacked by a mysterious organization. Thus, the Gatchaman are called into action once again!

Equipped with their reinforced suits and special abilities, the Gatchaman team up with new recruit Tsubasa Misudachi and innocent alien Gelsadra to battle the new threat. Can team leader Hajime Ichinose and her crew overcome the challenges in their way and restore world peace?

Gatchaman Crowds Insight premieres on 26 December, and airs every Monday & Tuesday at 10:00 pm, with 2 episodes back-to-back, first & exclusively on Animax.

Animax is available on SKYCable Channel 46, Cignal Digital TV Channel 34, and Dream Channel 07.

Photo credit: Animax Channel

Dengvaxia – the first dengue vaccine now available in the Philippines

We all know that dengue is an endemic vector-borne disease in the country and it has affected men, women and even children. The government has made efforts to hasten the spread of the disease, which causes the death of many of us Filipinos.


Our conducive climate has been one of the main reasons why Dengue prevails as one of the deadliest diseases, and it’s good that there is now a vaccine available in the country.
The first dengue vaccine in the country

Dengvaxia is the first dengue vaccine that is developed by Sanofi Pasteur as a result of over two decades of scientific research and clinical trials. Our country also took participated in the research, being one of the countries who has the highest cases of dengue. It is said to prevent the four stereotypes of dengue virus stereotypes for men and women, aged 9 to 45.


The dengue vaccine is currently registered in Brazil, the Philippines, Mexico, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Paraguay, and it is approved in Singapore, Guatemala, Peru, Indonesia, Thailand and Bolivia.


Dengvaxia is not recommended for the following:

  • children below 9 years old
  • pregnant/lactating women
  • HIV/immunocompromised patients
  • Travelers
  • Healthcare workers

The role of Philippine government in the dengue vaccine

The Department of health announced last January that 1 million nine-year-old Filipinos who are enrolled in government schools will be the first beneficiaries of the dengue vaccine. And from April to July 2016, 489,000 eligible children already received the first of three doses of Dengvaxia.

Dengvaxia will be available in the Philippine market soon, expect the price to be expensive for Sanofi Pasteur is the first and only pharmaceutical company to create and manufacture the vaccine.

This is a great news for us Filipinos! With the advent of the dengue vaccine, expect the dengue mortality to be reduced by half and morbidity will increase by 25% by year 2020.

When Jean Valjean gives me the feels! (The Les Miserables experience)

Went with my sister to watch the Manila Leg of Les Miserables few months back and it was MINDBLOWN! I am soooo in love with the actor who is playing Jean Valjean, he has the best tenor voice that I’ve ever heard, especially when he sang “Bring Home”. Right in the feels, I tell you! Naiyak ako, huhuhu!

I can only comment on the location though. Compared to my experience watching Wicked and The Phantom of the Opera in CCP Main theater, I still preferred watching musicals in CCP than in Solaire, for many reasons:

  • The theater vibe.
  • The sound system. CCP has more surround sound than in Solaire.
  • The after-event scenario. We were informed by the staff to *courteously* exit the theater immediately after the show. I’ve been in too many shows in CCP and I’ve never experienced anything like this, seriously.
  • Cheap dining establishments (lol!) for CCP has Jollibee, Mang Inasal, KFC, etc. sori na tipid mode eh!
  • We don’t know where the artist entrance/exit is located LOL! My sister (who is more of a theater geek than I am) see to it that we’ll be having a photo op and/or an autograph from the artists in the event.

Perhaps the advantage for having the event situated in Solaire is the parking (for car owners lol) and the convenience of playing in the casinos after the event. Dining establishments are also present in solaire, but definitely more pricey. It can do a state-of-the-art stage design and lighting (something that CCP can also do, but much less) And did I say that they have a stable internet connection for everyone to enjoy?

puma-Fantine, lol!

But anyway, it was an amazing experience for me. I look forward for my next musical/concert that we’ll be watching soon. J  now what to watch next?

The Powerpuff girls are back!

Sugar! Spice! And everything nice!

The Powerpuff girls are back! One of my all-time series from Cartoon Network gets a much-needed comeback, now better, bolder and braver! The much-anticipated reboot is a breath of fresh air since its original cartoon series, and its anime reboot (also named The Powerpuff Girls Z) years ago.

To commemorate the much-awaited comeback of the cutesy crime-fighting trio, Toy Kingdom and SM Mall of Asia held a special launch last October 22, 2016 at the SM Mall of Asia Atrium. During the event, the kids (and the kids at heart) enjoyed the fun-filled activities and the freebies available upon registration at the launch.

Mojo Jojo!

The Powerpuff Girls merchandise were also available during the launch. The range of toys are exclusively distributed by Richprime Global inc. and is now available at leading toy stores and department stores nationwide.

Here’s the opening video of the much better, bolder and braver Powerpuff Girls, enjoy!

Understanding your thyroid – what you really need to know

Not everyone is aware of the how important it is to take care of our thyroid, and its impact in our system. I am complete aware of this, for I have two relatives who have suffered from goiter before, but unfortunately, one of my titas died of thyroid cancer.

According to a study by the Philippine Society of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism in 2012, one in 11 adults have goiter, and around one in 12 Filipino adults suffer from different forms of thyroid disorders.

Awareness for tyroid disorders are so low, that most Filipinos think that thyroid disorder symptoms are mostly associated and mistaken for other diseases, and some even ignored these symptoms, not knowing that it’ll lead to something worse.

Dr. Nemencio Nicodemus, Jr., President of the Philippine Society of Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism

During the bloggers event held by Merck, Dr. Nemencio Nicodemus Jr. talks about the importance of our thyroid in our system. What’s really interesting is that it has different kinds of thyroid disorders that has different effects on our system.

Hypothyroidism patients are those have fewer thyroid hormones and tends to have a slower metabolism than the usual; they gain weight easily despite not eating too much, they move and speak, gets depressed easily, hates the cold weather and have irregular menstrual cycles.

Hyperthyroidism patients are the exact opposite of those who have hypothyroidism – their thyroid hormones are more abundant than usual and they tend to be very much active than the usual, they lose weight easily despite having a huge appetite, have heart palpitations, irritable thoughts and insomnia, have sweating and heat intolerance, and can have tremors.

Here’s what I also learned about this meetup:

  • Taking contraceptive pills and other medicines can also trigger this disorders – contraceptives are more common to be the cause of thyroid disorders for women. Other maintenance medicines can also be a cause for this disorders too.
  • It can also be hereditary – If you have relatives who have thyroid disorders, or relatives who have, or died of thyroid cancer, then there’s a big chance that you have one too.
  • Thyroid disorders can be a prelude to major diseases – that is why it is important to take note of the symptoms and have it checked, before it’s too late.
  • If you are diagnosed to have thyroid cancer, don’t fret! – Thyroid cancer is curable if detected early.

To learn more information about thyroid disorders, you can visit And remember, it pays a lot to be informed. 