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August 2013

I think this blog is now 50% ok, methinks. it all started as a dream project of mine, to have my own space on the world wide web. Little by little, I can now see that it’s becoming a reality. I think it’s important in my profession to have one, and I find it fulfilling to see some snippets in my life posted online. I’m glad to see happy memories, sad thoughts, horrible experiences and lessons learned, while jumping on different blogging platforms. Testing on what’s best for me, many


A year has passed since I created this blog out of nowhere, and I’m happy that I made some accidental discoveries along the way. I went back to singing, improved my way to my fitness regimen, ran more miles and learned new hobbies, while strengthening my faith and finding myself along the way. all of these are well documented in these personal journal of mine, and it’s a great decision to purchase this domain and make it mine to keep. And to celebrate another year in blogging, I decided to

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