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October 2013

I have a confession: I miss celebrating the halloween season and the much-awaited long weekends. This week is supposed to be the long weekend of all sorts, taking my time to relax, recharge and a decent vacation in which I am NOT entitled as of this moment. And yes I miss celebrating Halloween. I love to dress up, put on some make up and walk in my cutesy (or sometimes scary) costumes with ease, just like the one that I had last Outbreak Manila last April. Just to cut back

I’m not fond on watching the news every evening, but after I heard about the recent earthquake occurred in Bohol and affects areas in Cebu, it breaks my heart to see people lost their homes, asking for help, being traumatized, crushed to death because of the rubble, roads being misaligned and damaged, and the historical churches badly damaged and destroyed in an instant. In a way, it’s good that the recent event has occurred during in the morning, where everybody’s awake and since it’s a holiday at that time, people

It was that rainy Sunday evening when Angela and decided to hang out and eat after our weekly choir service in Baste. We are both foodies at heart and since we’re already in Quiapo, we decided to walk going to Binondo and have a taste of anything Chinese. Ahhh chinese food. from dimsums to dumplings to rice toppings and all – the unique taste and aroma makes it so enticing not just for us but to all foodies who also loves it. And in our current foodventure, Mr. Ube never

So many ones have come along, Some drifting, some unaware, some with some kind of hold. And you have held me for so long beneath a borken reverie, a sill made out of stone. And though I never moved, succumbed to your embrace, still you went on without a trace. There’ll always be that someone else who’ll love me once again. The days and nights they pass me by, they swiftly go beyond my breath, I’m left with but a sigh. Though every color seems to fade, a gentle rainbow

I had a chance to watch the world-renowned the Philippine Madrigal Singers and the Swingle Singers last September 8. Both groups are celebrating their 50th anniversary, and I’m so thankful that I got to see them share the stage, along with my officemates who are both MADZ fanatics. As I arrived from the CCP lobby, I saw some familiar faces: MADZ alumni members, conductors and choristers from different choral groups and many more. The people are all ecstatic to see the MADZ and the Swingles perform. The first few songs

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