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December 3, 2013

When I’m still a little kid, I dream of becoming an artist. I still wish to become one even though I’m now successful in my chosen field. And even though I’ve done so may things apart from being artsy-fartsy (running, blogging, yoga, tried sports and many more) my heart still wants to be more creative. My only wish right now is to do the things that I love while making money on the side. But what’s in store for me in after a decade? I’ll be almost in my 40’s

During the Blogapalooza event, as we (Hoshi, Axl Slickmaster and me) went backstage to have a photo op with Vince Golangco, we’re all surprised that we were given laptop bags from Eagle’s Wings Enterprises yay! Sakto ung bags during the event, dami naming naiuwi na freebies eh hihihi! thanks a bunch! XD Well going back, little is known about Eagle’s Wings’s enterprises. I’ve absolutely no idea about the company per se and search engines are not even helping either (well I’m a SEO ninja, online guy stalking internet research is super

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