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December 13, 2013

If you’re a chorister (like me), MADZ fanatic or simply a music enthusiast who wants to to be inspired and to learn everything about one of the most celebrated choirs in the world, then you need to get this book. 🙂 MADZ : Almost Everything About The Philippine Madrigal Singers is written by Alfred John De Veyra. It featured the magic behind the MADZ’s musicality, its success and principles instilled by the MADZ conductors. Get to know MADZ’s passion for music – The book unleashes the standards on looking for

    My first kiss is from a girl.   It happened when I’m still a little choir girl and I had a friend who is now very sure on her sexuality. She just came from her breakup from her ex girlfriend back then, and as she talked on her relationship while on a mass’ homily, she demonstrates everything that she did with her former beau, including that shocking kiss.   I never thought that it’ll came all of a sudden. 😛   (lesson learned: always pay attention to the

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