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December 18, 2013


Lupang uhaw sa pag-ibig, naghihintay sa halik ng langit. – Kapayapaan It’s a fun, cheerful song during the 90’s about peace and harmony. Perfect song for those who wants to enjoy the lush scenery (in a beach) and just be free. It’s been my childhood favorite, it makes me feel like dancing on this song. 🙂 And if you listen closely to the lyrics, it has a simple, fun and direct message of peace to everyone. 🙂 Looking forward for good times ahead!   (Just the news about the sudden demise

One of the childhood memories that I’ve got is that I used to sing christmas songs and getting one of the pans in the kitchen, sitting to it while twirling around and around until I got really dizzy that  dozed off to sleep immediately. I also had a vivid memory of me and my sister running around the house, smashing throwpillows with each other while watching WWF (the older version of WWE). We love it when Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior comes along, doing their signature poses before they

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