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December 19, 2013

Aside from my former WordPress and Blogger blogs, I’m also active in Tumblr. The site is easy to navigate, has cool features and can follow and reblog some of the blogger’s posts. Do follow me on Tumblr! http://sailorstarcatcher.tumblr.com/ 😀 I have my share of my favorite Tumblr blogs, and here they are! Tricia Gosingtian – My girlcrush and fashion inspiration. 😀 Hoping to get her book this Kris Kringle! (if not, I’ll buy one nalang!) The Angry Therapist – self-help and life posts, a must read! Sailor Failures – definitely NOT a

New day, new decade. And I still have no idea what to expect on the coming days. I’ve been a scaredy cat as I approached in my 30’s (O_o) but what the heck, the best thing I needed to do is to hope for the best for the upcoming days, to enjoy what life has to offer for me and to be eternally thankful for all the blessings that comes along the way. (To my dearest friends, thank you sa burpday greetings! Will answer all your greetings sa fb on

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