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December 26, 2013

I admit that my parents are too tad strict on us, but I can now see why my mom and dad’s like that on me. I was schooled in our neighborhood catholic school that is being run by Dominican nuns, being fetched by my mom almost everyday and doing sunday services like clockwork. I admit that I like the routine, but the strictness is something that makes me stressed out. I do admit that I’d rather stayed at the church than going to our relatives who are living in Mandaluyong.

Growing up, our family are still living on ancient beliefs and traditions. Since both of my parents are both probinsyanas, we are all doing some all sort of things in all occasions based on the age-old catholic belief. Being born and raised as a catholic, I was exposed on different traditions that I find amazing, indifferent, and made me question its existence. I also had this WTF moments on beliefs that made me ask: why should we need to do this? it’s not even relevant to the occasion? I know it’s

Hello there, I’m back from my Christmas vacation! Lemme start by updating this challenge ok? 🙂 I’ve got a lot of highs and lows this year, one of my lowest points this year is when I almost gave up on my current job, and the thought of leaving my my dearest friends here in the office is heartbreaking… Perhaps the highest point in my life is when my friends are always there to remind me that there is sunshine after the storm. They are my most prized treasure to date,

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