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December 27, 2013

I’m proud to day that my parents are college graduates. My dad always tell me that the only thing that he can passed on to me is the education, for it won’t be replaced by anything else. This one is so true, for I’m now had a stable job, I can travel to places, buy anything I want and now living in a life of a luxury (not really that grand, just right :P). But aside from that, I can share the things that I’ve learned. It’s good to be

The original plan was to go to Tagaytay days before my birthday using my overnight accommodation to One Tagaytay Place that I’ve got at the Blogapalooza with a friend of mine, but she backed out the last minute. Yes I’m furious, but I really wanna go. I made last minute decisions, quick scan on Google, and an overnight itinerary on my solo overnight trip.     I’m riding solo No I don’t have a car. I usually go there with a friend who has a car, usually for coffee, Bulalo and

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