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January 2014

Chinese food has been, and will always been one of my favorites. Our house is only 15 minutes away from Chinatown, and everytime we dropped by to Ongpin, we see to it that we had a visit or two to some of their famed restaurants around. Few days ago, one of our colleagues treated us on her birthday in one of the known luxury restaurants in Lucky Chinatown, King Chef. I’ve been doing my research days before about this said establishment and they are known for its sumptuous dimsums and

Who doesn’t love freshly cooked meals? I’m always a fan of my mom’s home-cooked meals, especially if the ingredients are fresh out of the market. We always make sure that we picked the best ingredients that fits our budget, and to ensure our safety, we will buy them in groceries, supermarkets and/or on our suki vendor. 🙂 As for dressed chicken for Adobo, Mechado and other delectable dishes, we see to it that get them at Bounty Fresh Chicken. The Healthy Chicken The sophisticated poultry operation behind Bounty Fresh Chicken

Day 30: the aftermath

Day 30 ends here, and so is this challenge, yay! it’s been an emotional roller coaster of all sorts, it’s hard to gather your thoughts to write anything on certain days, and there are times where I need let the day pass in order to work, or to unwind and let myself loose. I’m glad that I went on solo when I went to Tagaytay days before my birthday, that I’ve been in a few dates with friends and long lost colleagues. who would have thought that it would lead

– revamp the site for good after i’m done with the blog challenge – post drafts and pending reviews – find a more suitable layout for this blog (personal+lifestyle blog of all sorts) – sidelines! – travel itineraries – more food trips? definitely! – school plans in the soonest possible time 😛 – watermark all the images that needs to be posted on the blog (for future blog posts!) …more to come soon!  

Friends from work and school – I really miss my dearest USAP and RC mates. I long to hang out with my schoolmates from ESPS and UE. though I love my kikay barkada to bits, nothing beats nostalgic memories from the schools where I graduated and the stress-busting memoirs from my previous workplace. Running on weekends – it’s never a secret that I miss running for miles, for it has given me the peace and freedom that I’m looking for and at the same time, keeping me healthy and strong

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