Month: March 2021

2021 Netflix original anime series list – who’s excited?

Just finished High-Rise Invasion, a Netflix original anime series whose story is based on the manga series (Tenkuu Shinpan) and I was so hooked that I am looking forward to watch more of the streaming platform’s original anime series. And fresh from the virtual AnimeJapan 2021, Netflix said that they will premiere around 40 original […]

Say hello to Uniqlo’s Global Sustainability Ambassador, our favorite Robocat Doraemon!

Doraemon in green? Still so cute pa rin! Doraemon is now on “Sustainability mode” for our lovely Robocat is chosen as Uniqlo’s Global Sustainability Ambassador, now suited in green fur as this is their way to materialize their sustainability message of “Changing our future through the power of clothing”. Uniqlo has been doing sustainability initiatives […]

Lessons on the House Hunting during the pandemic

Last year, we made a decision to move. After years of living in Tayuman, we ultimately decided to look for another place that we call home. It was really hard for us to live in a place where everything is accessible (walking distance to malls, churches, hospitals, public transportation) but the house itself is deteriorating […]

Flashback on the COVID scare, and how I get away with it

Let me share my story that happened last January. I’ve been down since the first week of January, having dry cough, flu, feeling heavy and been having a massive headaches, and this is despite having my morning sun from our veranda, not going out of the house and taking my daily dose of vitamin c. […]

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