Almost There: Art Exhibit for a cause by Kristine S. Lim

Almost There is an art exhibit for a cause by Kristine S. Lim – a multi-disciplinary artist who is also an alumna of the University of the Philippines. This exhibit is her way to comeback to the art scene after being away from quite some time.

for her solo exhibit, Kristine wants to incorporate some of the critically-endangered species in the country as heart-stirring yet thought-provoking mnemonics of who we are, where we stand and what we are going through.

The state of being endangered unlocks the beginning of the end but it is also our light of hope; it is not yet too late. We are here to reflect, change and act. Perhaps this is the moment why we have been created. We are here because we must and we can turn things around.

The artist prays that years from now these same images will be seen by the same eyes that it captivated today and say, “We survived and we thrived”.

Here are some of her creations that will be seen on the exhibit:

Kristine Lim’s Almost There art exhibit can be seen at The Manila Hotel from October 2-15, 2020.

Proceeds from the paintings and the actual Aesca products (where the artworks will be translated and reproduced) will be used to support those in the frontlines of this battle and the displaced workers due to the pandemic through missions of JKL Foundation Inc.

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