Another Sky – Manila Chamber Singers tribute concert


Last October 2017, I received a devastating news.

One of my church brothers passed away.

My heart is broken after I learned about his passing. My former church/choir friends went to say our last respects, and celebrate his short and sweet life, and his legacy as a church servant, choir member, engineer, brother and friend.

I remember having a chat with him before on being in our respective MADZ Et Al choirs (he is a member of Manila Chamber Singers and I am part of Coro De San Sebastian), on our being the first members of Lagablab ng Espiritu Santo Chorale, and on the MADZ itself. we last saw each other was during the MADZ’ last concert before they went on tour last year, he was still working (on a saturday!) when we had a chat on what’s going on with our lives. Little did I know that it was the last.

Months later after his passing, I got an invite for the MCS’ concert. it was a tribute concert for their comrade, my church brother, Kuya Emon.

Another Sky – MCS’ tribute concert for Raymond Caunca.

I have known MCS for years since CDSS had joined their yearly Colors of Worship concert. this is actually my first time to watch them.

MCS has done this beautifully. very song in their lineup corresponds to their loving memories with him – song that they last rehearsed, songs that are arranged for his solo, songs that he personally loved. Songs that his family loved the most that gave them peace.

MCS is his second home. and he is well loved.

He is their leader, tour manager, tenor, friend and brother. a part of their family.

Their gesture of love, this wonderful tribute is something that touches me. Ate karren (Kuya’s brother) told me they were surprised that this tribute concert will be this big, I can imagine how much they were overwhelmed by this gesture of love from the group.

So thank you MCS, for letting me experience this kind of love.

Here are some of the videos from their tribute concert. 🙂


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