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Last night, me and my college friends went out for a night of fun, friendship and adventure. We went out on a park, having a chit chat about our lives and happenings, went for a 5km walk going to Mercatto Centrale just to eat isaw (it’s huge and it’s worth the money! nom nom nom), rode on a “killer bus” just to see one of our broken hearted friends, have a drink and went home before the day breaks. It was sad though, that we never had any pictures of

I had this feeling that I get to share everything that I’m doing with someone every now and then, like waking up early just before the sun rises and having my usual late lunch, making myself too busy with house chores and just slacking off, or being in seclusion all of a sudden, or being melancholic, or just plain hyper… It’s been crazy for sure to think of this, but my gut feeling tells me that there is. It can be a certain relative or a random friend, or even

*I created this post last week when i’m still in some random office in Makati, lol!* As I wait for the receptionist’s call for my interview, I keep myself comfortable at this office lounge area’s couch. I never thought that the company that I applied would be this grand. the lounge itself is like my dream living room, with high ceilings, comfy chairs, glass top tables, with the gorgeous backdrop of the prestigious Makati skyline. the view itself was indeed picturesque, for the office is located between Makati Avenue and Buendia.

Just sharing my favorite scene from the musical “The Phantom of the Opera”, it makes me cry to see the Phantom letting go of Christine Daae after she chose him in order to save Raoul’s life. :'( No words can express how much i LOVE the show. I’m still in awe after watching the musical yesterday. Phantom of the Opera = infinite bliss! 😀

4 months and counting. Months after my graceful exit, I’ve made my move of redeeming myself and starting my life anew again. I know that it’s been that long, but i’m getting used to it. There are so many things that happened in this past few months. Sleep adjustments. Mom’s operation. House errands. Job applications here and there. School assignments. Online work gig. (and the list goes on and on and on… ) And despite all the setbacks, I still rely on God’s plan for me. I still pray for

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