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At loss for words

My current LSS is brought to you by Jazmine Sullivan. There are some times that I’m at loss for words because I’m with the person that I had a crush on, and though I would like to talk to someone who I’d really like, my mind does some crazy things that makes me blabber on something that normal people simply don’t understand. inlababo much? seriously yes! (and I miss him too!)

I’m not good in writing. In fact, I”m not good in playing with words and not that great in constructing sentences in a jiff. I just love to read, from different kinds of books to reading blogs that caught my attention. I like to get more information on something interesting, and fiction books made me think of me being in another world where the characters are becoming a reality. If you had read some of my previous blogs from various blogging platforms, I sort of blogging just to breathe out

We’re all looking for that special someone. If only love can be customized as easily as your favorite drink, we’ll easily find your match. ~ Starbucks coffee Most of us are still searching for that special guy or girl who can make a difference in our lives. One who can makes us smile, to share the sweetest moments together, and who can be a best friend for life. But throughout the course of relationship, you will see their differences, and it’s up to you to accept that part of it

OHAI! :)

Why hello there! It’s been a plan to have my own domain and to create my own little cyberspace where I can blog my heart out, but then personal and monetary problems has hindered me from doing so. I’ve been accustomed to set up blogs on WordPress but it’s more tad expensive on my part (and confusing as well) that’s why I went I’m here on Blogger instead, why hello there! So what makes me do this anyway? I’ve been an internet marketer for 4 years (and counting). But during

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