Back on track

I’ve been lost and found, still searching for answers and still wonder on what the future holds for me. For years I know that I’ve been lost track for my original plan is sidetracked because of my dad’s disapproval, financial woes and strict house rules.

As much as I don’t wanna blame them for me (still) having a quarter-life crisis, I’m still thankful for what I am today. I learned so much over these past few years and despite the series of misfortunes that I had since the start of the second half of the year, I still have my friends, loved ones and a part time job that helps me to pay for the internet bills and save for much needed stuff. I sacrificed a lot, putting things on hold and…

I had enough.

I had enough of giving up my dreams in order to give way from others. I had enough of people stopping me from shutting up. I had enough of everyone restricting me on what to do. I’m no longer a child.

And I want this to end.

That is why I want to be on track. And I will start by going back to school (hopefully on Early January), to sing again in the choir, practice on my drawing skills and start on training for more long distance runs.

And so I’ll be sharing this stage once again. Why hello there race track we meet again! Will see you at the finish line! 🙂

(Photo courtesy of Running Photographers)

Cristal is a freelance web developer and content creator. She currently enjoys her freedom while learning new things outside the comforts of the office confines. She enjoys writing her geek exploits, tech innovations and many more. Reach out to her via email at for events and many more!

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