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Hello, I’m back! and as promised, I’ll be updating my blog on a daily basis, with posts relevant to my interest as explained in my last post. Actually, I’m already done with my draft but I have to create a new one because of the unexpected things that have happened these past few weeks.

From the start of the year, I’ve been dealing with the COVID Scare that turns out to be an allergic cough (Thank goodness!) and facing several toxic and non-paying clients. The last one who I thought I’ll be ok with turns out to be one of them, and because of that all of my expenses are now been put to a halt. hassle diba? (To think that I have to pay for my preorder SailorMoon merch that I’ll be vlogging soon, now I have to find work ASAP!)

Had myself swabbed! ladies and gents, if you’re feeling under the weather, get yourself checked and tested ok? I posted this on my IG stories
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Speaking of COVID scare, let’s not forget that the virus still exists! we are now back to having 3k new cases for the past 3 days, with the new SA and UK variant – which are known to be more infectious, can now be found here in the country. inasmuch as I want to go out and have a vacation outside Manila and even having a decent massage, I don’t wanna risk going out and meetup with everyone.

Mahal ka namin Boss Noel.

Another thing happened after I finished with my first draft. Noel – a friend of ours (me and #LeBoyf) passed away on the last day of February – 2 days after his stroke attack. It was really heartbreaking for us to learn about the news of his passing, but despite all that, we can only think of him now happy, reuniting with his wife Cherry, his brother Gerry and his family.

We were thinking of visiting him on my birthday and whenever Jayvee’s here in our place, pero hindi natuloy. No more third wheel dates for us. ๐Ÿ™ We miss him dearly. we miss our threesome kulitan, dinner dates, uwian sessions, nonsensical convos (that actually makes sense), and many many more. we are thankful for sharing his life with us. and like the Jewish saying goes, his memory is a blessing to all of us.

For now, I keep myself busy with many things – helping on our family’s egg business, job hunting, blogging, cooking, fixing the household while the rest of the family is busy with the majority of the family business’ needs. life still goes on for me but I have to keep on striving. I know I can survive this. And I am still hopeful. Pray for me pls?

Thanks for listening, for reading this post, and for keeping in touch (virtually). Hopefully, we could all survive this pandemic. Hugs and kisses everyone! :*

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