BullChef makes me curse a lot in a good way

The original title of this blog post should be: BullChef: mapapamura ka sa sarap! But I had to change it in an instant. True enough, it was one of the best ones that I ever had that I had high praises for. We cursed the food for it’s really damn good. And now I’m craving again. Goodbye diet. Well what the hell is that so-called diet anyway???

SportyGuy, SailorStarCatcher, NekoMimi and SlickMaster (mga itsura ng mga kabataang gutom hohoho!)

I went along with blogger dabarkads Nekomimi Guia, Slickmaster Nestor and Sportyguy Ivan after we had our weekly podcast session (details about it soon!) as we are looking for a place to have our late-night dinner. It was a love at first sight as we saw the witty food names in their menu, and and made a unanimous vote to dine here and give it a try.

Bullalo dishes on the menu
Napakanta ako sa #53, because Ariana Grande :))

Note that we dined in at around 12 midnight. I know it was too late for dinner but we were accommodated by their friendly staff. (thank you thank you guys!)

Testimonials from known TV/online/radio personalities

The place is small but inviting. We noticed the testimonials from celebrities who dined here and loved their Bulalo. Since it’s our first time here, Sir Jeremy (the manager) suggest that we try their bestselling bulalo and tapa dishes. πŸ™‚

Nananawagan po kami na kami po ay pakainin ng tapa ko, mahal ko πŸ˜›

Ivan ordered Tapa ko Mahal ko, sweet beef tapa served with fried egg, ensalada, garlic rice and bulalo soup. The single order is huge I think it’s all worth the price. I had a bite on the tapa strip and it was chewy and delicious! The tapa is indeed sweet and flavorful, and makes me want to swap orders with Ivan. But i’m glad I didn’t, hahahah! XD

Bulalo soup is love <3

Another thing that I like in Ivan’s order is the bulalo soup. It was rich, creamy, filling and dreamy. Dreamy because it gives me comfort after every sip. I think the soup itself can be a great meal, just add an extra order of rice then. πŸ˜› (parang ginawa ko lang gravy sa kfc, masarap iulam, well ganun siya kasarap!)

That Ultimate AssemBULL that gave us an ultimatum!

Nes, Guia and I ordered the Ultimate AssemBULL that is said that it’s good for 2-3 persons. It was actually good for 4-5 people! We were then given a separate cup of bulalo sinigang soup as we were waiting for the main event, and as we take the sip, we were like SYET! SARAP! GRABE! $*$&^*&(*)!!!!!

Sorry na I’m/we’re exaggerating. It was a mindblowing sour soup that has a same, think consistency from the Ivan has, and it has a kick of the spiciness that leaves me speechless and made crave for more.

The generous serving of the Ultimate Assembull has portions of beef meat, cartilage, marrow, fat that falls off the bone, except on parts that needs to be used by a knife. It also has generous servings of veggies inside. This is perfect if you wanna get stranded because of the heavy rain and you wanna be warmed up by the delicious goodness coming from the Ultimate AssemBULL.

Boom Busog! XD
here’s what we have to say about their bulalooooo!
Thank you BullChef team for giving us the space to create our own testi :)))

We were all extremely full, sated and satisfied. Good food is best shared with crazy friends, and by that we enjoyed our experience a lot. And also, nakaka-LSS ang song nila. πŸ˜›

In fact, we’re planning our our next visit soon, can’t wait to try their Ultimate BullChef Special! πŸ˜€

Tara, foodtrip tayo! πŸ˜€

BullChef: The Bulalo Chef
#4 East Capitol Drive, Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City

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