Car payment calculator for future car finances

(Hello from our senior Dog Winwin! taken from our family car)

I bought our family car last 2017, a brand-new Mitsubishi Adventure M/T in Sundance orange. it fits the whole family, and we love the fact that it has taken us to places. But the truth is it’s been a love-hate relationship after that. (Let me explain)

We love the convenience that has given us whenever we are stuck in traffic, or if there’s a problem in the public transportation (train breakdown, no public transportation, even uber/grab/angkas available), and if we are planning to have our long distance trips outside Manila.

Since the COVID pandemic started, our family car has been a big help for us in going in and out of the city, primarily because public transportation has been shut down for the first months of the lockdown, and it’s hard to travel from one city to another for work and/or health-related emergencies.

but despite all that, what I didn’t anticipate upon purchasing our family car are the finances – the monthly amortization, the yearly insurance, the maintenance, the needed improvements, and the rising gas prices. since 2017, we experienced paying for Php 20-30/liter of diesel before and as of this moment, the price for a liter is now on php75/liter!

the cost of having a family car is something that I am not prepared for, and for everyone who wants to buy their own car, may it be a new one or a second-hand one, it is best to be prepared for the costs and additional expenses. Having an online car payment calculator can be a big help in order to calculating the cost before making a big purchase.

That is why for future car owners, consider the costs first, here’s the car payment calculator to help you anticipate the costs.

Here’s a sample breakdown should you want to get a car that costs around Php 800,000:

the car payment calculator also has a feature wherein car owners can calculate the fuel cost and budget, which is a big deal (especially now that we are dealing with inflation + rising cost due to the Russia-Ukraine wars, among others):

This is a calculated estimate of the soaring gas prices because of the crisis from the war-torn countries)

The data provided can give you an idea on the gas prices, so better be prepared.

Should I have known about the car payment calculator, then I should’ve been smart enough to handle my car-related finances. but it can save everyone, especially the future car owners, so check it out today.

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