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There’s this thing about love that makes me feel giddy, melancholic, hopeful, happy, sad, inspired and many more. Too much emotions I should say, but no words can express fully on how love can makes us feel, that all I know is that love is the most beautiful that ever happened to all of us. Last valentines day, I had a chance to watch the world-renowned choral group serenading us on this very day at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Spending the day with the Philippine Madrigal Singers (also

As a chorister, I admire Filipino musicians and artists who are proud to showcase their originality and to showcase their love for music. I admire Filipinos who made it big, expanding their audience and to share the music globally. at this time, Filipinos are patronizing foreign music. Sad as it seems, there are less people who are not patronizing OPM, maybe because of the growing jeje community, that if only OPM music today can be as good as OPM music way back… Music is a vital part of our culture.

I was invited to be part of Manila By night v3.0 last December 30, 2014 by the Powerhouse G5, and unlike last year’s event, we went on different places to capture Manila’s historic sceneries that are often neglected by everyone. This event is open for photographers, history buffs and those who want to explore Manila after the sun sets, as we explore Manila in a different setting. We went on different places, starting from Casa Boix in Quiapo, Nakpil-Bautista house, Ocampo compound, Quiapo Church, Plaza Sta. Cruz, Escolta, Binondo, Manila

Sabado by Eraserheads!

I need to get that Esquire Mag, SERIOUSLY! But for now, here’s their latest single from their new album, so enjoy! ***kailan ko kaya makakanta to ng masaya ako? 🙁 #workingonsaturdayproblems   Eraserheads – Sabado (2014) Buti na lang Sabado bukas Pwede tayong lumabas Humanap ng gagawin Di na kailangang isipin Buti na lang Sabado bukas Pwede tayong magwala Kung magsisi sa huli Kesa naman walang nangyare Buti na lang Sabado bukas Pwede tayong magpuyat Sulitin na hanggang Linggo kahit saan, wag lamang dito Ang pagpanaw ng araw Ang paglalim

I went inside Third Cup Cafe in Katipunan, thinking that I’ll be watching a Palanca-award winning play by Juan Ekis. But why is it held inside the cafe, where the space is limited and the crowd gets rowdy during peak hours? I feel like I was part of the play itself. I blended in, as I watched the characters perform, I feel like I can connect with them, especially on their outlook on love and bitterness. Kapeng Barako Club: Samahan ng mga Bitter is a play written by Juan Ekis,

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