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I had a chance to watch the world-renowned the Philippine Madrigal Singers and the Swingle Singers last September 8. Both groups are celebrating their 50th anniversary, and I’m so thankful that I got to see them share the stage, along with my officemates who are both MADZ fanatics. As I arrived from the CCP lobby, I saw some familiar faces: MADZ alumni members, conductors and choristers from different choral groups and many more. The people are all ecstatic to see the MADZ and the Swingles perform. The first few songs

Enchanting. Beautiful. Moving. This is how I describe this song composed by Z Randall Stroope. Beautifully sung by the world-acclaimed Philippine Madrigal Singers, the song “We beheld once again the stars” (Riveder de stelle) is one powerful song that can definitely move mountains. This is one of my personal favorite from the MADZ. Another thing that I like about the song is the lyrics itself that is taken from Dante Algierri’s “The Divine Comedy”. I can’t help but to feel the song’s movement and the thirst of freedom. Here are

We all want to feel special. to be happy, to be grateful, to be loved. That is why we need to have a daily dose of inspiration, everyday. Inspire Me Everyday – a collection of everything that we need on a daily basis. May it be a shot of optimism, a sprinkle of happy moments, a handful of cutesome finds or even a couple of momentary musings with our Lord. Every inspirational post is a must for us to get on our feet and to make us inspired, everyday. 🙂

Days after Mam OA’s farewell to this world, our choir went to the CCP to attend the necrological services of the national artist of music. We arrived early to the main theater to rehearse for our part as a chorus in two of the songs and we get dressed in our usual gala uniform (aka choir dress). I never thought that it was a formal event to be attended not just by Mam OA’s family members and friends, but also by the important people in the industry. I saw famous

Let me share this story. When I joined the University of the East chorale, I was unaware of all the songs from different languages and genres that we all sing during my trainee days. I was only familiar with the church music, for I grew up singing with our neighborhood parish every sundays and on special church occasions. All I know at that time is that I enjoyed singing with my fellow choristers for it felt good and the music is all new to me. The rehearsals are all hard,

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