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The original plan was to go to Tagaytay days before my birthday using my overnight accommodation to One Tagaytay Place that I’ve got at the Blogapalooza with a friend of mine, but she backed out the last minute. Yes I’m furious, but I really wanna go. I made last minute decisions, quick scan on Google, and an overnight itinerary on my solo overnight trip.     I’m riding solo No I don’t have a car. I usually go there with a friend who has a car, usually for coffee, Bulalo and

  The Ivatan houses, the rolling hills, the pristine beaches and the amazing 360 degree view of the pacific ocean… to get lost and found in the northernmost side of Batanes is, and forever will be my dream destination. If only the charter airplane going to Batanes will be a lot cheaper (like those form Cebupac’s Pisofare) I’ll be reserving airplane seats in a heartbeat. (or if only we won the lottery then this will be the first thing that I need to do, teehee! :P) *** day 13 of 30-day

As much as I want to keep this moment in private, I can’t help but to share it. I’ve been sick and stressed out this week because of my what happened to my Girlfriend Rubyanne and to my other officemates in my former office. Added to that stress is the dreaded news from one of my closest guy friend. Work has been tolerable, but i’m still waiting for the approval of one of my proposal from my boss. That’s why I decided not to go home after my shift last

(Oh how I miss you Potipot! Thank you for the memories USAP peeps!) One thing I miss when I’m still a corporate slave is company outings. It is important for everyone to have a break once in a while, to have a sweet escape from the corporate jungle that we’ve been on a daily basis and just be in touch with the nature. Oh how I miss the sand, the sea and the sun. I miss walking barefoot in the sand, swimming in the cool calming waters and being sunkissed

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