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Filipino cuisine and culture shines through its rich meals, decadent desserts, and distinctive snacks. Apart from the ubiquitous bibingka, puto, and leche flan, polvoron is a favorite among locals and tourists alike. Indeed, the unassuming “powdered candy” has become an unofficial ambassador of Filipino culture abroad, thanks to its carry-on convenience, bite-sized servings, and inimitable taste and texture. For the past 50 years, Goldilocks Bakeshop has been synonymous with polvoron. Overtime, however, many of the younger generation have come to regard polvoron as simply a pasalubong item, thus missing out

It’s been a while since I visited Plana’s Pantry, and missed their homey feel of the place and the wide assortment of dishes for everyone. Their instagram-worthy facade is indeed a must, and their location that is tucked away from the city proper makes it a must-go place for dates and group convos with family, friends and loved ones. I went to visit their place again sometime in November, and this time they are offering group meals for small and large gatherings! Now that is another reason for me to

Makati City, Phillipines- From its bold and savory dishes to its one of a kind dishes such as Camaru or crickets, Kapampangan Food is a cuisine all Filipinos know for sure. Located at the metro’s business district – Makati city, Apag Marangle offers the best Kapampangan food and great deals good for the whole family. As part of their new offering Apag Marangle is offering an array of boodle fight meals that is perfect for your budget and taste buds. And prices would start at 1,100 pesos. They have four

It’s a good thing that my new office is just minutes away from #Leboyf’s office, and to some places where we can hang out and dine in during lunch time and after office hours. One of them is the Tempura Japanese Grill, best known for their bestselling tempura and many more. What I like about this place is the ambiance, its service and their FOOD! Their tempura is light, flavorful and fresh, despite being smothered with batter before frying. Their tempura is best paired with japanese soy sauce (and wasabi,

it is not a secret that I am NOT a fan of sweets, not because it’ll cause me to gain a few pounds, but this will trigger my migraine attacks (true story). anything that is too sweet to my taste will give me a bed rest for a day or two, and I don’t want this to happen. T_T But hey, not all desserts are sweet, and that’s why i’m glad that they had too much to offer here at Love Desserts in Banawe, Quezon City, a buffet restaurant that

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