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The Philippines and Spain share a deep and colorful history and what better way to celebrate these two cultures than through their vibrant and intertwined culinary traditions. This April, the world’s most anticipated epicurean event will celebrate the two countries ’300 years’ worth of shared connection through food in one global event where the world’s top chefs showcase culinary innovations and cutting-edge techniques, ingredients and recipes taking food and dining to the next level. If one wants to see the “future of food,” this is the place to be in.

The original title of this blog post should be: BullChef: mapapamura ka sa sarap! But I had to change it in an instant. True enough, it was one of the best ones that I ever had that I had high praises for. We cursed the food for it’s really damn good. And now I’m craving again. Goodbye diet. Well what the hell is that so-called diet anyway??? I went along with blogger dabarkads Nekomimi Guia, Slickmaster Nestor and Sportyguy Ivan after we had our weekly podcast session (details about it

My gastronomic experience at the Comida Chefs Gallery Cafe is different from any other foodtrips that I ever had, that even if I’m my fellow foodie/blogger/boylito Jabee (short for Jollibee/Jayvee), if there is something memorable about their foodie offerings + the ambience, then it is indeed one for the books. Comida Chefs Gallery Cafe offers a multi-ethnic dining experience, thanks to the symphony of flavors that can be found in every dish. Chef Danny Dela Cuesta‘s sinfully delicious creations came from his love and his extensive experience in food and

Once upon a time, there’s this blogger who loves to eat. She Posts her solo reviews, and her foodie adventures with her friends on this very blog, until she meets her match. Her so-called “LeBoyf”, who is courageous enough to handle all her childish craziness, happens to love food and loves her. (yii! ang bakla amp!) the two also introduced themselves here on this very blog, and they decided to create a joint blog about their foodie misadventures and many more. Had to admit that the blog is still a

I’ve tried different takoyaki stalls scattered around the Metro, but there’s this one that stood the most. While the best takoyaki that I tried is from Ozen in Malabon (during the Malabon food tour), there’s this another one that is most accessible to my place in Manila. Here it is, it’s TamaYaki! I was one of the bloggers who were invited to taste their delectable variety of takoyaki and their blended drinks, and I had to say that everything’s so delicious. The store itseld is spacious, the interiors are really

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