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Comida Chefs’ Gallery Cafe in Kamias, Quezon City

My gastronomic experience at the Comida Chefs Gallery Cafe is different from any other foodtrips that I ever had, that even if I’m my fellow foodie/blogger/boylito Jabee (short for Jollibee/Jayvee), if there is something memorable about their foodie offerings + the ambience, then it is indeed one for the books. Comida Chefs Gallery Cafe offers […]

Oh-so filling Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties!

I had a chance to taste these treats from Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties in Market Market mall in Taguig. I was supposed to be tasting their patties last month if not for my gastritis/gallstone attacks last month. Well anyway, i’m glad that I had another shot on this one, and we see to it that […]

Chef Bruce Lim’s Rustique Kitchen – Filipino comfort food at its finest

  I’ve heard everything about Chef Bruce Lim after I watched his segment from Kris Tv. I was hooked as he served his dishes on national TV, and I don’t even mind being crazy late at work at that time (I haven’t had breakfast at that time lol!) well anyway, more information about Chef Bruce […]

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