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I remember the last time that I went to Blue Bay Walk for the spa review, and blogger friend Kenny told me about HotStar Large Fried Chicken. I’ve heard great reviews about the said restaurant from fellow food bloggers and after I saw the place, I told myself that I’ll be back to try their famous chicken. Just a brief info: Hot Star Large Fried Chicken is a popular fast food chain that is based in Taiwan. They are established in 1992 and they famous for their huge fried chicken.

I had a chance to taste these treats from Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties in Market Market mall in Taguig. I was supposed to be tasting their patties last month if not for my gastritis/gallstone attacks last month. Well anyway, i’m glad that I had another shot on this one, and we see to it that we’ll be coming in after our work shift. Why “we”? ‘coz I’ll be tagging this crazy gerbil with me, well hello again JV! 😛 We arrived at the Market Market at around 8pm, and I absolutely

  An officemate of mine asked me to blog about this new restaurant situated in Mandaluyong. I eventually agreed, and asked my fellow bloggers to join me in this restaurant review. I must say, I had high hopes for Plana’s Pantry. It was one of the new restaurants that is located just infront of the California Garden Square in Mandaluyong. I was informed that it was opened last September 1, and they offered delectable dishes, beautiful ambience and good vibes for their customers. As I stepped inside the restaurant, I

  I’ve heard everything about Chef Bruce Lim after I watched his segment from Kris Tv. I was hooked as he served his dishes on national TV, and I don’t even mind being crazy late at work at that time (I haven’t had breakfast at that time lol!) well anyway, more information about Chef Bruce Lim can be seen here. He is also the one behind Chef’s Table and Mise en Plus Foods inc. (both closed). And today, he now the man behind Rustique Kitchen, a new restaurant owned by

what I love about Thai food is the abundance of flavors that are packed in their line of dishes. During our food tasting event at Just Thai in Burgos Circle, not only did we fell in love (once more) with their dishes, we also love how they present their dishes with care. Because of the drastic rains and floods in Ayala, I arrived an hour late (my bad! Grr) and missed their appetizers and their soup. I was actually looking forward to have a taste of their Tom Yum, and

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