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Money games for kids and kids at heart

I’ve been checking on the mortgage calculator site for the computation of my finances but I’ve been in a state of limbo lately (aka burnout), the reason why I’ve been doing so many things lately – more work, recreation on my free time, while still balancing my finances for my major upcoming move, which I’ll […]

Making classic card games accessible online and more at

Playing games is my escape to my everyday routine, may it be from my mobile phone, on my laptop, and on my preferred console. it’s not everyday that I get to play for I get to be too busy with work and other house chores, but one thing is for sure, playing games is my […]

Is Trese on Netflix worth the hype? (noob review + first impressions)

I haven’t read the komiks created by Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo, but I’ve been hearing great reviews from my friends and colleagues about Trese. Since the news that Trese will be having an animated series on Netflix, I’ll be surprising myself on what the series has to offer for me. So last night I […]

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