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Making classic card games accessible online and more at

Playing games is my escape to my everyday routine, may it be from my mobile phone, on my laptop, and on my preferred console. it’s not everyday that I get to play for I get to be too busy with work and other house chores, but one thing is for sure, playing games is my […]

Is Trese on Netflix worth the hype? (noob review + first impressions)

I haven’t read the komiks created by Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo, but I’ve been hearing great reviews from my friends and colleagues about Trese. Since the news that Trese will be having an animated series on Netflix, I’ll be surprising myself on what the series has to offer for me. So last night I […]

2021 Netflix original anime series list – who’s excited?

Just finished High-Rise Invasion, a Netflix original anime series whose story is based on the manga series (Tenkuu Shinpan) and I was so hooked that I am looking forward to watch more of the streaming platform’s original anime series. And fresh from the virtual AnimeJapan 2021, Netflix said that they will premiere around 40 original […]

Say hello to Uniqlo’s Global Sustainability Ambassador, our favorite Robocat Doraemon!

Doraemon in green? Still so cute pa rin! Doraemon is now on “Sustainability mode” for our lovely Robocat is chosen as Uniqlo’s Global Sustainability Ambassador, now suited in green fur as this is their way to materialize their sustainability message of “Changing our future through the power of clothing”. Uniqlo has been doing sustainability initiatives […]

Kuder announces partnership with SFI Group to launch the Career Planning System for the Philippines

Kuder has launched a partnership with the SFI Group to launched a career planning system in the country. Together with other government groups, the partnership aims to strengthening the partnership between everyone who is looking for a right career to the companies and establishments who are looking tor the right people with different skillets. Since […]

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