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Moon Pride!

I’ve been a fan since 1995, the year Sailor Moon was first seen on our television sets. And I can’t get enough of it ever since. Call me crazy or childish (or anything whatsoever) but the latest SM reboot, now called Sailor Moon Crystal is something that I am now looking forward to every 2 weeks. I’m loving the fact that the whole story’s now faithful on the manga storyline, in which I think it’s more serious and  has a great storyline than those from the 90’s anime version. I kinda

  Well, I do! 😀   The new take this lovable Sailor Moon series is NOT a remake from the anime series that we all loved before. the story is solely based on the manga series, so if you haven’t read the manga, start here. 🙂 If you watched the video on the new Sailor Moon Crystal trailer above, the story and the character designs are all based on the original manga designs. for more information about the upcoming series, check this article from MoonKittyNet. For more information on where

Day 23 is all about 5 known guys that I find attractive. Well sori nalang, no artistas involved hahaha! >:) I’m more fond on animes and fiction than on teleseryes in general, so lemme share these guys who literally doesnt exists but I find attractive: Mamoru Chiba/Tuxedo Mask from Sailormoon – my ultimate childhood crush hohoho! watching him along with Usagi makes me believe in true love (yiii!). His mysterious demeanor makes him charming in a way and he’s always there to save Sailormoon, but his lacking of powers makes

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