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Before my addiction to Anime has begun, I was in awe by the powers of these amazing superheroes. Superman has been my (forever) crush, and being the most powerful hero of the world, he can do anything to save mankind from evil. Batman is a real mystery, his wit, aura and his mysterious demeanor makes him a perfect fit to be one of the most loved superheroes. Wonder Woman is one tough woman, indeed a warrior and princess to the Amazon. Green Lantern on the other hand, makes use of

Salarium, a software company automating business processes, is proud to announce a new series of apps that enable fingerprint biometric scanning as a form of verification in its SAL Time software. The time is automatically forwarded to SAL Payroll and provides businesses a completely automated method of monitoring employee attendance and processing payroll. In a conference with local tech bloggers on November 15, Salarium Founder- CEO Judah Hirsch demonstrated how a business can track the attendance of their employees real-time with the integration of SAL Time system on to android

Blogging is now the fastest way to promote yourself, create your identity and to let the world know of your interests and likes. It is also the best way to hone your talent in writing and for SEO professionals, it can also be a stepping stone in improving your skills in marketing and promotion online. The Professional Blogging Summit, in partnership with #DPOP is a half-day event that aims to gather professional bloggers and share their success stories, experiences in managing their online identity and tips in how to work

AND IT’S BACK!!!!! The most anticipated blog event is back! The Blogapalooza 2014 now opens its doors to all bloggers and business alike. this event showcases businesses who wants to make a marketing pitch to all bloggers, online influencers and social media superstars and media practitioners to this one-of-a-kind event. Just like last year’s event, the blogapalooza 2014 is organized by two of the biggest blogs here on the country, When in Manila and Our Awesome Planet. This will be held again in SM Aura at Sept. 20, 2014. I’m

Moon Pride!

I’ve been a fan since 1995, the year Sailor Moon was first seen on our television sets. And I can’t get enough of it ever since. Call me crazy or childish (or anything whatsoever) but the latest SM reboot, now called Sailor Moon Crystal is something that I am now looking forward to every 2 weeks. I’m loving the fact that the whole story’s now faithful on the manga storyline, in which I think it’s more serious and  has a great storyline than those from the 90’s anime version. I kinda

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