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Dia Mundial el Canto Coral 2012

I can’t find the words to describe this wonderful event, for I’m still in cloud 9. (from PCDA’s FB page) Last December 8, the Philippine Choral Directors Association invited our choir to be part of the World Choral Day celebration at the new Glorietta Activity Center. Along with other choirs, we sing our hearts out with festive carols and well-known songs arranged in choral fashion on all parts of Glorietta. We created a flash mob scene to capture everyone’s attention… Read More »Dia Mundial el Canto Coral 2012

Back on track

I’ve been lost and found, still searching for answers and still wonder on what the future holds for me. For years I know that I’ve been lost track for my original plan is sidetracked because of my dad’s disapproval, financial woes and strict house rules. As much as I don’t wanna blame them for me (still) having a quarter-life crisis, I’m still thankful for what I am today. I learned so much over these past few years and despite the… Read More »Back on track

Keep on singing

I went on choral hiatus for almost a year. And after watching MADZ Et Al 2012 with fellow chorister/runner Gelai, I can’t help but to cry before putting myself to sleep. I admit that I miss the choir, the music that we shared and my fellow choristers. I miss singing my heart out during rehearsals, competitions, concerts and occasional gigs. I miss having a VIP treatment for us artist backstage, the freebies and the opportunities to meet fellow artists and to… Read More »Keep on singing

The other side of running

I started running as a leisurely sport in 2010 and I fell in love with it. It was my supermodel friend Isshi who introduced me to the sport as a way to shed some pounds. And it’s definitely more fun to look at the guys with supermodel abs, men with artistahin looks and modelesque girls while running lol! But seriously, I like the sudden change of scenery whenever I run and and how the wind touches my face as I… Read More »The other side of running

Take time to breathe

(Oh how I miss you Potipot! Thank you for the memories USAP peeps!) One thing I miss when I’m still a corporate slave is company outings. It is important for everyone to have a break once in a while, to have a sweet escape from the corporate jungle that we’ve been on a daily basis and just be in touch with the nature. Oh how I miss the sand, the sea and the sun. I miss walking barefoot in the… Read More »Take time to breathe

Hello there, I’m still swooning

Just sharing my favorite scene from the musical “The Phantom of the Opera”, it makes me cry to see the Phantom letting go of Christine Daae after she chose him in order to save Raoul’s life. :'( No words can express how much i LOVE the show. I’m still in awe after watching the musical yesterday. Phantom of the Opera = infinite bliss! 😀