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    I remember the time that I went to the Manila Post Office to cover an event in behalf of Astig.PH about the distribution of the prepaid cards to the recipients of the MCCTs or the modified conditional cash transfer as part of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program, or 4Ps. Started as one of PGMA’s programs, it’s a good thing that PNoy has continued this program to help the underprivileged. But as the campaign surfaces, various programs from candidates has plans for the said program. One of which is

I applaud these candidates for the moral stance and leadership. And here they are, slowly-but-surely rising their way to the surveys, especially now that elections are just days away. So why RORO? I made it clear before that if not for Miriam handpicked BBM as her VP, I would’ve go for her and Leni. Mar Roxas is my second choice, until I realize that he is indeed the best choice along with her running mate Ms Leni Robredo. On Mar Roxas I’ve seen personal testimonials on how Mar Roxas is

My vote, my choice

  I had hesitations on blogging about politics and in this coming elections before for it has been a sensitive issue, but I realized that I have the right to speak my mind. As a digital influencer, I believe that having an integrity and heart in blogging is what makes each blogger unique. This online journal has been my voice for so long, hence this post. Writing about my choice of candidate takes massive courage and heart. And to be honest, it makes me more excited everytime I write about

I love homecomings. It celebrates love and unity amidst the trials and hardships by our loved ones who lived far and wide just to make a decent living and to provide us with a much more comfortable life. It is when we embrace them wholeheartedly because of the loneliness that we felt due to their absence. I know how it feels like not having your loved one with me. I grew up not having my father with me because he’s been working abroad until this day. His sacrifice for us

  I’ve been working for 12 years now in 5 companies. I ‘ve already experienced the hardships of job hunting and freelancing at the same time. I am thankful on where I am right now, and at the same time, I am worried on my friends’ welfare, for they are 1-currently unemployed, 2-stuck in a dead-end job, 3-just graduated from college, 4-stopped school and 4-just got pregnant. (true story) While some are lucky that they found an opportunity to work abroad, most of them experienced homesickness and hardships from their

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