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It is a must for me that I’ll be washing my face first thing in the morning and before I go to sleep. And I see to it that the facial wash that I’ll be washing is hiyang enough for my combination-type skin. Myra has been gracious enough to send me this “beautiful inside and out” tin box, complete with Myra Vitasmooth and Vitawhite facial wash, and a microfiber towel. I’ve been using Myra products ever since (their pressed powders are the only ones that I’ve been using, and also

  Being an IT/Marketing professional in an insurance firm is no joke – I need to dress up, work hard, present well and at the same time, I need to prove myself that I can be an asset to everyone. But Being a girl entails a lot of personal needs that I(we) need to face from inside out, and for sure all girls can relate! My girlfriends and my sister knows all the stress that I’m currently facing right now, and for this coming holiday season, what better way to

Calayan Surgicentre – a well-known skin care and body sculpting services has chosen Sam Concepcion as their new endorser. Sam Concepcion has been well-known in the entertainment industry for years. He started after he won in the Big Division of ABS-CBN’s Little Big Star in 2006. Since then, he has been doing mall shows, TV guestings, album launches and concerts. In fact, he has treated his roster of fans to a concert named “Samuel Lawrence and the defenders of dance” at the SM skydome in SM City North EDSA last

Truth be told, I’ve already heard about the brand for my dad bought some of their products for us (he is an OFW based in Dubai). I’ve tried them for a few times, whenever my mom wasn’t around, lol! Anyway, it was a surprise that these line of products will be available soon in the country this coming December – and they will also offer a wide range of products that are made from the Dead Sea. Beauty Secrets has been around for 20 years and are available in 65

One thing I learned from being in the digital marketing industry for years is to work with clarity, honesty and integrity. It is a building factor that will make one trust you and for you to trust other people as well, not just to have everything in your favor alone. Working in integrity is a great indicator that you, your colleagues and your organization can be trusted wholeheartedly. This is crucial especially those working in big companies and in various government agencies, where corruption is rampant nowadays, and the best

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