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SILAKBO, (Sikad, Lakad, Takbo) is a fund-raising event for the Save Silang-Santa Rosa River Foundation Inc. (S3R2), a non-profit organization and partner of the City Government of Santa Rosa in the rehabilitation and protection of the Santa Rosa Watershed. Now in its 5th year, the Silakbo Half Marathon is now powered by The Greentennial Run and will be held at the Greenfield City! (UPDATE: Silakbo 2013 is now organized by Save Silang Santa Rosa River Foundation. *from Greentennial Run’s Page) SILAKBO Half Marathon April 21, 2013 @ 4am The Greenfield City,

It was Chinese new year and It was supposed to be my first lone run for this year. It was ok for me to run alone but what made me feel guilty is that fact that become a bandit in an organized fun run last sunday at the Million Volunteer run. Not paying for my run that that joined is not my cup of tea, really! Green girl in the sea of red runners! 😛 (pic from Bula-Kenyan Runners) Just to tell you how it happened, a friend of mine

    In celebration of the 27th Edsa People Power anniversary, the Association of Philippine Medical Colleges Student Network- NCR brings you RUN FOR JUAN, RUN FOR GOOD GOVERNANCE.   RUN FOR JUAN is organized by medical schools composed of ATENEO, LA SALLE, U.P, ST.LUKES, UST, UE among others. This national event is NOW powered by The Greentennial Run.   Theme of 27th Edsa People Power celebration is PILIPINAS NATIN, ABOT-TANAW NA!   See you ALL on February 24 @ People Power Monument!   Run for Juan February 24, 2013

Medal of valor

(Isa akong taong grasa/dugyuting bata! Pic grabbed by evil twin Angela :P) Definitely one of the many first, again! It is my first run for this year, my first time to won a race kit (thank you Little Running Teacher!), first run to run outside manila (It was held in Nuvali!) and my first ever medal that I got for a running event. I may be a crazy ‘lil messy gal in this pic but the spectrum of colors during the Live More Run last saturday makes it memorable for

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