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While I’m on a 1-week break, my brother was rushed to the hospital for appendicitis. it was the worst thing that ever happened to us, I just got out of the office, my sister’s just preparing for her finals at the law school and we’re running out of funds. I’m late for a couple of hours on my blogging commitments, and I’ve no time for my backlogs. I gave my life savings for him, but that is only enough for one of his lab test. brother dear is still at the hospital because of complications for over a week now and I just started at the new office. even the bills are not fully paid.

I can only pray that this will be over for all of us, we are not prepared, and yes it’s his fault that this happened because of his vices and shit. I can only hope that this is a lesson learned for him.

I’m hoping for the very best for him, for him to complete recover. Hope he will do this.

i’m now in my new office. It’s a completely different environment from the previous companies where I had before, where everything just wear what they like and just come in to complete the 8-hour shift and go home without any care in the world (and some calls for a drinking escapade after work).

But i’m not complaining. I’m loving it here. Everything’s complete and there’s nothing to complain in here, and I can even see my leBoyf’s building from where I’m working right now.

Perhaps I need to brace myself for the tons of work that I’ll be working on by the next couple of days, and to read more books on programming and analytics. it’s for my skillset, and I need that.

The office where I’m working now proves to be promising – not just in benefits but also on the services that they are offering to their customers. maybe that is the reason why they are now one of the top websites offering superb services that I think – if I can avail it for myself (and for my parents and siblings) it’ll be a great investment.

I’m thankful that I redefine my standards and made a right choice to make my move. Better make more wiser choices from now on. 🙂

Now doing my backlogs while i’m still free from work, hug me pls? 🙂

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