Childhood dreams come true: My SailorMoon Collection on Collectors Hive!


Sailormoon has been, and will always be my childhood superhero. I can relate most by the main protagonist, Usagi Tsukino (Serena Tsukino in english dub, Bunny Tsukino in tagalog dub, 1st and 2nd season) is the typical underdog superhero with a big heart who saves the world from the forces of evil. It has spanned for 5 seasons, 200 episodes and 5 OVAs, featuring stories and adventures of 10 girls, each with different personas who I really love and adore.

Inner Squad! Entire Funko Pop version of Sailor Moon line!
Inner Squad! Entire Funko Pop version of Sailor Moon line!

Growing up, I’ve been eyeing on having my own collection of SailorMoon merchandise. It’s been my blog’s namesake for years and undeniably by childhood superhero even until today.

The first official merch that I bought was a plushie from Ebay, then gashapons next, and now moving on with having the vast selection of petit charas, twinkle dolly, qposkets, ochatomo, atsumete, GirlsMemories and the entire collection of the FunkoPop – SailorMoon line . I even purchased fan-made bootlegs that are affordable and uniquely designed. Next thing I knew, I’ve been purchasing Moonie collectibles that are way beyond my budget.

The recent purchase that I made was a limited edition miniaturely tablet Moon Castle stand that I bought for almost 5000 pesos! As for the massive collectors, it’s still within the usual budget, for the proplica line costs 5-10k. I’ve been eyeing on having the proplica version of the star locket and the moon stick soon! 😀 Now in celebration of its 25th year, (SM started in 1993) their line of merchandise just got bigger! They just released their new anime series based on the manga entitled Sailor Moon Crystal (a must watch – the story is entirely different from the 90’s anime series), they had the real-life wands from Proplica, general merchandise goods, and they even had Sailormoon as one of the official mascots in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics! That also means I need more room for my babies, more budget to get them all, and more happiness for the Moonie in me. 


If you follow me on Instagram, I always post on the things that I bought online and through my fellow anime collector friends. Looking at my collection, playing with them makes me motivated to do more and to be inspired by the character and its creator. My babies who are with me at the office makes me calm amidst the chaos that is called work! So I don’t mind having tons of work being lined up, as long as my toys are with me always. 

The ever bashful Princess Serenity, awww!
The ever bashful Princess Serenity, awww!

Thankful that Facebook has helped me (alot!!!) in searching for leads in where to find authentic SailorMoon merch, I’m still searching for an online venue (aside from IG) for my humble Moonie collection for all the world to see. 

Collectors Hive – an online hub for collectors and geeks


Collector’s Hive is the new online haven for me and to all collectors who wants to keep in touch with other collectors with the same interest. I stumbled on it via google play at first, but it is more user-friendly when accessed online IMO!


Collectors on different genres can upload and share their interest and collections, meet fellow collectors as well and even share their opinions and feedback on other collectors! Every person has different interest that will surely capture everyone’s attention. Definitely worth a visit!

I’ve yet to explore the website to utilize fully, but at first I find it tricky but interactive for a website. Looking forward to see more changes in Collective Hive, especially on their Android app!

Get to know more about the Collector’s Hive here at and on Google Play at For updates, visit their Facebook page at


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