day 19: (dis)respect

I admit that my parents are too tad strict on us, but I can now see why my mom and dad’s like that on me.

I was schooled in our neighborhood catholic school that is being run by Dominican nuns, being fetched by my mom almost everyday and doing sunday services like clockwork. I admit that I like the routine, but the strictness is something that makes me stressed out. I do admit that I’d rather stayed at the church than going to our relatives who are living in Mandaluyong.

it’s not that I don’t like my relatives, it’s just that I don’t like the environment at all. people shouting profanity on each other, children swearing on their parents, parents doing the same to their children, the list goes on and on as I watched them (and the people around them as well) doing all sorts of of anything undegrading and all such.

Perhaps it’s the environment that does it to them, added to that is the lack of education that they are receiving from their parents (due to the lack of funds maybe) and their situation that they’re facing. I can’t help but to feel sad and uncomfortable being with them.

Being respectful to everyone is something that my parents taught me, and I’m not at ease on people not respecting to everyone.

*** day 19 of 30-day blog challenge

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