Day 20: The importance of education

I’m proud to day that my parents are college graduates. My dad always tell me that the only thing that he can passed on to me is the education, for it won’t be replaced by anything else.

This one is so true, for I’m now had a stable job, I can travel to places, buy anything I want and now living in a life of a luxury (not really that grand, just right :P). But aside from that, I can share the things that I’ve learned. It’s good to be with my friends and colleagues who share the same passion and career path, and to keep up to date with everything.

I may not be the oh-so lucky ones who took their dream courses (blame it on my dad), but I’m still thankful that I got one of the most in demand jobs in the planet. In a way, I still wish I can share my passions to my friends who sadly, didn’t finish school.

I had friends from college who didn’t finish school because of certain factors. some of them because of their finances, and there are those who can’t finish school because of their offenses and/or grades. Almost all of them didn’t have any stable jobs, and though I had a handful of friends who were very lucky to land on a very stable job (with a bigger paycheck than mine), I still wish that they could get a diploma. It is also their wish to have one for themselves.

Education can take us to places. I’m thankful that I had one. How about you?

*** day 20 of 30-day blog challenge, finally! 10 posts to go! 

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