Day 25: that fascination


Whenever I looked into those eyes, I was like “wow that guy’s extraordinary”. He’s always smiling, not annoying, cool and cute.

But behind those dashing eyes tells a different story: a story of acceptance, loneliness, the quest for being free and many more. His instagram page tells his lifestyle (it’s set in private, and yes he’s babaero).

His smile is a rainbow being set after the darkest of storms. it lightens the whole room as he makes his corny jokes to everyone. Reminds me so much of kazehaya Shouta, the cute and charming guy from Kimi ni Todoke who has a smile that can move mountains.

And yeah I haven’t told you guys that he’s really a she. And I find him/her cute. :>


*** day 25 of 30-day blog challenge, sorry for yet another hiatus, need to finish this in 5 days! 

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