Day 26: what to look for

What fascinates me in a person? this question left me with so many answers, but none of them seems so right. Perhaps I don’t have any answers to this one. I’ve been in several dates before, feel in love, got broken and start over again. I’m slowly having checklist on what to look for in a guy, and here it is!

  •  Christ-believer
  • Non-smoker
  • Respectful to everyone, including my parents, siblings, friends and even to my dogs
  • Understands my crazy-ass schedule (in the choir, runs and any of my biglaang events)
  • Foodie!
  • Has a sense of adventure
  • Understands my need for personal space
  • Has a heart for music (especially choral music), running, anime, food and anything geeky
  • Tolerates my stress levels and craziness
  • Downright honest at all times
  • Someone who doesn’t mind me wearing sky-high heels (ergo, the person needs to be taller than me even when i’m wearing one)
  • And the most important of all: must be perfectly single

*** day 26 of 30-day blog challenge


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