Day 28: Things that I miss

Friends from work and school – I really miss my dearest USAP and RC mates. I long to hang out with my schoolmates from ESPS and UE. though I love my kikay barkada to bits, nothing beats nostalgic memories from the schools where I graduated and the stress-busting memoirs from my previous workplace.

Running on weekends – it’s never a secret that I miss running for miles, for it has given me the peace and freedom that I’m looking for and at the same time, keeping me healthy and strong in the process. Good thing I can still keep in touch with my runner friends whom I grown to be inspired by them.

Coffee, chocolates, coke and milk tea – I resent to having fruit juices for now due to my recent heartburn attacks. (But I’m still having milk tea and chocolates when no one’s looking, teehee!)

Coffee dates with dearest girlfriends – I really, really miss having customized Lattes from Subspace and its amazingly beautiful interiors, friendly baristas, Kpop vibe and is customized chairs. Guia and Rubyanne, hope we could do this again!

Ortigas – I’ve been at home in Ortigas for years before I worked here in Makati. It’s easy to commute in Ortigas (seriously!) and the traffic is more tolerable, especially during rainy season. Everything’s fairly cheap too!

Beach – That crisp blue waters, pearly-white sands, its tropical vibe that makes me bring back to where I belong. It’s peaceful. It’s perfect.

*** day 28 of 30-day blog challenge


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