Day 3: Kampai!

Nikki: eww! Me: eww mo mukha mo! syat na!

I do drink. smoking and doing drugs is a no-no for me.

BUT I’m not a heavy drinker. I do drink when the occasion calls for it, and call me maarte but I choose who will be my drinking buddies are, which is mostly my close friends.

I choose to resent on smoking and on taking drugs (since we’re now talking about vices in general) for I simply don’t like the smell itself. Some of my friends do take drugs as a way to escape the hash reality that sets in them, and they always tell me that it’s “their way to heaven”, but I still don’t get the idea.

That’s why out of the three, I choose to drink.

I drink for pleasure, and not my means to escape from all my troubles. I drink to celebrate all the good things, to bond with the ones closest to my heart and to let myself loose in a good way.

May it be a bottle of beer, a shot of tequila, or any kind of alcoholic drinkโ€ฆ as long as I’m with my friends I’m ok with that. I feel more safe when I’m with them. The only aftereffect that I had when I’m in a drunken stupor is I talk more loudly than my normal self, with a couple of bloopers here and there, just like what happened during Macci’s birthday. ๐Ÿ˜›

No don’t invite me for a drink just to rant, if there’s that needs to be celebrated just invite me, I’m only a text away! ๐Ÿ™‚

*** day 3 ofย 30-day blog challenge

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