Day 4: I believe in God

I believe in God, not in a Catholic God. – Pope Francis

Just to make it short and brief, My views on religion is based on what Pope Francis has said in one of his interviews. I am born and raised in a Roman Catholic household, joined the church as a choir member for years and studied in a Catholic school from elementary to high school.

My views has suddenly changed when I entered in a tertiary university where I learned more about other people and their respective beliefs. I learned so much from them and  I had to admit, it has shaken me to the point that I’m also questioning myself and my beliefs.

But after years of balancing and analyzing things, I realized that we all share the same God. God is a universal God, and we choose to worship him based on our respective religions. There’s no such thing as a “perfect” religion, and in every one of them, there will be hypocrites who will tarnish its name.

I choose to believe with God, to live in His ways and to worship him. That’s all that matters.

*** day 4 of 30-day blog challenge

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