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I’ve been working for 12 years now in 5 companies. I ‘ve already experienced the hardships of job hunting and freelancing at the same time. I am thankful on where I am right now, and at the same time, I am worried on my friends’ welfare, for they are 1-currently unemployed, 2-stuck in a dead-end job, 3-just graduated from college, 4-stopped school and 4-just got pregnant. (true story)

While some are lucky that they found an opportunity to work abroad, most of them experienced homesickness and hardships from their employers. If only they were given an opportunity to work decently here in the Philippines, with additional perks, office benefits and opportunities to grow in their chosen career path.

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In relation to this coming elections, one of the things that I am looking for on the candidate’s platform is their solutions in unemployment. what kind of concrete, long-term solution they can offer to the people? what are the pros and cons? is it applicable to all? and does their solution reach those who are from the far-flung provinces?

I observed that most of the top companies are hiring those who graduated from prestigious colleges and universities. There are some companies who are looking for someone who has an extensive knowledge and expertise for their job posts. But how about those who doesn’t have a college diploma? To the fresh graduates? To the PWDs and to those who lacked experience in their chosen field? Statistics show that unemployment is highest here in the country and this problem is in dire need of This is something that needs to prioritize. Check out this link here for source:

I’ve been thankful that this is one of Mar Roxas’ priority sector, to create high-quality jobs for everyone and to provide extensive training and education for job openings in different industries.

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It was President Erap’s time when he was appointed as the DTI secretary, that is continued during PGMA’s term. At that time, Mar Roxas saw the opportunity to reach out to key leaders to promote the foreign investment. The result is now the booming business process outsourcing (BPO) industry, that opens the doors to many of those who are now working in different call center and outsourcing companies. If you want reliable statistical data, here’s one helpful article from Rappler, you’re welcome. 😉

The rise of the BPO industry has also helped my sister before and many of my friends who are looking for a job. There are also PWDs, ex-OFWs, married couples, single parents and people past their age were also given an opportunity to work on these companies without any discrepancies and discrimination, given that they have the right skills and expertise. It also opens an opportunity for them to explore more of their career options and to provide a decent living for their family.

Mar Roxas since then has been creating job opportunities and livelihood programs far and wide, and he has done this in 3 different administrations.His plan to invite more businesses to come in from different sectors in order to create more jobs to many Filipinos is something that I am look forward to.

No other candidate has this strong and clear-cut campaign in lessening/eliminate the alarming unemployment rate in the country. We need this to rise ourselves from poverty, and to live in a much better phase.

I hope you could consider this your choice in selecting your President. And yes, I’ll be posting more on my stand on why I chose Mar Roxas as my president. STAY TUNED! 🙂



**image credit: Rappler, Mar Roxas website
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