Deliciously affordable delights at the Metro Vigan Cafe

During our stay at the Metro Vigan Inn, we had a chance to try the most delicious of Ilocano dishes being offered at the Metro Vigan Cafe. everything is a feast to the eyes, and we all had a gastronomical feast. I don’t mind getting fat (well, kailan ba?) that’s why I (err, we) indulge ourselves on their wonderful concoctions.

This is only part of the cafe 😛

As we arrived, all of us bloggers and guests ushered inside the cafe and we were greeted by the owners and their staff. the place is quite small, but it looks nice from inside. it is fully air-conditioned, and we are all refreshed as we went inside the cafe.

knowing that we were sorely tired and hungry from our 10-hour bus ride, we were given Orange Juice and Bagnet Burger as our welcome drink and snack.

the Bagnet Burger is so delicious that we can’t help but to have another one to fill our cravings for their oh-so popular bagnet. and this is only the beginning of the heavenly feast that awaits us!


here ‘s what we had for lunch: (my pics doesn’t do justice, oh well… here it goes!)

Spring Roll Longanisa – the skinless Vigan longanisa wrapped in a lumpia wrapper is so good that it’s perfect with or without their signature vinegar, we had another serving of this delectable treat for it’s really that good!

Poki Poki – the mix of eggplant and ground pork garnished with onions, tomatoes and ripe mangoes is a great treat to the health conscious, it’s also best eaten  with bagging alamang to experience the explosion of flavors on this dish.

Kare Kareng Bagnet – it’s a marriage of both my favorite dishes cooked to perfection. the chef used ground rice to the sauce, thus making it thicker and more flavorful than the usual kare kare that i’ve usually had before. this is a must-try for everyone!

Sinanglao – the typical sinanglao uses pork innards and uses vinegar to taste, this one from Metro Vigan Cafe uses slices of beef, and they added lemongrass to taste for their soup. gotta love this amazing dish too!

Metro Vigan’s House Pancit Canton – one of the tastiest i’ve tried, and JV adore their version of pancit canton.

Metro Vigan Chicken – reminds me a lot of Savory or Max’s signature chicken.

Pinakbet na Bagnet – one of the healthier alternatives from Metro Vigan Cafe, only more sinful (because of the bagnet, what else? hahaha!) better try this one too, love this dish!

Steamed Malaga – honestly, i’m not familiar with this one, but there is something in this dish that I like. the fish is cooked tenderly, the sauce says wow and it’s also one of the healthier alternatives from Metro Vigan Cafe’s current offerings.

Crispy Pata – this crazy sinful dish is the star on our table, this “putok batok dish” is definitely a must-try for all. marinated to our taste, evenly cooked to perfection, and beautifully served to your table.

We are oh-so full that our tummies are all sticked out. And as for dessert, we had their honeydew watermelon being served to us to cleanse our palettes and to keep us sane in our next itinerary (we had our calesa tour afterwards after we had our lunch, more on that soon. :3 )


the brunch that we had the next day is the continuation of what we had before. now fully geared and recharged from the amazing calesa tour, we are now ready for the second part of their gastronomic goodness!

Cup of hot choco to wake us up!

While we’re waiting for the food to arrive, we had our daily dose of coffee and chocolate to wake us up. i opted for a cup of choco (and coffee for JV) since i’m still on medication for my now less frequent hyperacidity attack.

Bagnet Sisig – here’s another perfect marriage of both my favorite dishes, their finely-chopped crunchy bagnet made into sisig is so perfect that we devour it in an instant!

Pinaputok na Tilapia – freshly-steamed tilapia with onions and tomatoes wrapped with banana leaves and aluminum foil is a spot-on. this has a special place in my heart, i love how this one is so flavorful that I don’t mind having too much of this for myself, hahaha!

Bulalo – truth be told that the ones that I had before in Tagaytay is more flavorful, but this one has a distinct flavor that we can’t help but to have my own serving. But to me, i love the freshness of the veggies being add to this yet-another “putok-batok” dish.

Metro Vigan Fried Rice – absolutely perfect for the dishes being served to us, that we can’t help but to have another serving, extra rice pls!!!

Bagnet!!! 😀

Crispy Bagnet – OH DEAR LORD we just can’t get enough of bagnet! the trip to the north is never complete without having a bite (or two, or maybe more) of this oh-so-sinful-yet-absolutely-heavenly bagnet, ok fine OA nako. (btw, I ordered a kilo of their freshly-cookedbagnet from the Metro Vigan Inn as my pasalubong, because we can’t get enough of this sinful delight hahahah! XD)

Hito at Talong – I’m not really fond of hito (catfish) actually, but i had a change of heart after having a couple of serving for myself. this one is really tasty.

Chopsuey – this freshly cooked chunks of veggies topped with fresh egg is just so divine! i absolutely love the freshness of the vegetables being used, and the egg being mixed adds to the explosion of flavors of this amazing dish. and as one of the healthier alternatives to their list of sinful concoctions, better have this one for sure!

Love the plating… and the duck itself!

Kalderetang Pato – i’m also not fond of pato (duck), but their version of kalderetang pat is a sure hit for me! since duck meat is not as tender as chicken meat (or pork meat when cooked), theirs si so flavorful and soft, that the meat falls ofd from the bone. absolutely flavorful, beautifully crafted. definitely a must-try dish. 😀

And lastly, we had Buko Pandan for dessert. reminds me a lot of my mom’s version of this known dessert.

We are all so crazy full, but we all enjoyed what it has to offer at the Metro Vigan Cafe! I also love the fact that it’s all affordable, perfect for those who are looking for budget-friendly restaurants around the historical Metro Vigan!

So if you’re in Vigan and you’re looking for delectable Ilocandia dishes, better drop by to Metro Vigan Cafe and have a foodie experience of a lifetime! 😀


Metro Vigan Cafe at the Metro Vigan Inn

Bayubay Norte, San Vicente, Metro Vigan, Ilocos Sur

Tel. no: (077) 674-0448

Mobile no.: (0917) 824-3800



Facebook page:

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