Desperate move or harsh truth?

screencap from the controversial political ad. watch at your own risk.


I’m still shocked at political ad that has been aired last night about the presidentiable cussing on different issues, with a child emulating him. While many of us (me included) condemned the video for using the child for mudslinging and some think of it as a desperate move from the certain vice presidentiable, it’s sad to say that this is the harsh truth that is happening in our society. And we are still in denial for it just days away from May 9 and the certain presidentiable’s supporters are pointing fingers on who’s really to blame on showing this political ad on primetime. (Arrived late last night, learned bout it on facebook and I’m not keen on watching telenovelas, anime nalang pls?)

It is true that values and morals should start in our parents and family, but go outside and look at the streetchildren and their parents. they are all rude, rawdy and cussing all over and they just don’t care. It’s been like this everyday in where I lived, as our not-so-friendly tambay kids shouting and cursing and cussing around even at midnight. There are some doing their pot sessions and the stench are so filthy that it reaches our humble home now.

While we condemn this ad for its content, are you ok with having a president na nambabastos na nagmumura on a daily basis? someone who lies more often? someone who has an undeclared assets and liabilities? someone who receives gifts from donors and friends while at the office? someone who is willing to give up one of the islands to the enemy territory? someone who jokes about rape? I don’t think so.

I really hope that they could open their eyes to the truth. Let’s all vote wisely.

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