Diary of a newbie zombie: the Outbreak aftermath

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I’m happy that I was one of the chosen humans from Little Running Teacher‘s Facebook page to be one of the dreaded zombies on the loose at the recently concluded Outbreak Manila 2013.  Me and my fellow zombiefied humans were given the chance to chase the runners away and scare the hell out of them, talk about payback time! >:3
As I said to Teacher Cheryl (Little Running Teacher admin), I’ll be this “cute-but-creepy” zombie on the said event. Pero sumobra ang pagka-creepy, kahit ako natakot ako sa sarili ko YIKES! O_o
I was supposed to arrived earlier than usual but I still have work on saturdays >_< I arrived at almost 7pm and the talented make-up artists from Make-up Design Academy amazingly did their job in transforming us from our boring selves into a happy living dead! (lol ang labo lang hihihi!)
 After! T___T

The Zombie rules are simple: get as many life flags attached to their bodies and scare them like crazy. Before our shift  started, me and my fellow zombies lined up at the starting area to warm up and get ready.

And boy it was fun!

Chasing humans during the race sure is fun! all of us zombies had our own celebrity moments (photo ops with runners and spectators) and pampering moments as well (we were given food and drinks, yes to human food!). It’s also fun to see runner’s reactions while they were in front of us! Ung iba umiiyak and nagmamakaawa na wag silang takutin, while some of them were really scared on our looks, even though hindi namin sila tinatakot. 😛 

There are also some moments where some of the runners get injured in front of us. Hindi maiwasan na magkaroon ng tulakan during the race itself in order to avoid us. As much as we want to help them, they shun away, thinking that I might get their life flags attached on them.

Our zombie duty lasted for 5hrs and I had to admit that it’s really tiring, pero super saya! And as our reward for hard work, we were given certificates for a job well done. (naks!)

I’m really grateful for this experience so far. I made friends from fellow “humanoid zombies”, being “beautified” by the talented Make-up artist, chase people and had fun. Will definitely come back again at the next Outbreak, can’t wait! 😀
*Photo credits to Enzo (for the zombie certificate), Ate Mars (for the Anneyong zombie) and to Blackgoat Runner for the rest of the pics! Like his fan page here!
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