Dinner date at Gotti’s Ristorante

Dinner dates. This is something Jayvee and I have on a daily basis. But whenever my girlfriends asked for a company even just for a while, I will gladly make way as soon as possible, even if it means changing my scheduled plans in an instant.

After Rubyanne asked me for a date, I immediately said yes. And after checking on my budget and our food choices, I went on foodscouting, checking on different restaurants and establishments where we can talk in private (it’s a must!), that has good food (mandatory) and is affordable (definitely!) I also need to order ahead while waiting for ruby to arrive from FARview, and I’m also crazy hungry.

We both love pasta, and we also craved for rice. And since it was dinnertime, I chose Gotti’s Ristorante.

Gotti’s is located at the 3rd flr Atrium section of SM megamall, where most of the restaurants are located. The place is indeed cozy, but the place is so jammed up because it’s dinner time.

And yay for Rubyanne, the original Hermalditaness! Check out here new blog here.

We’ve already had our orders, and here they are:

Their Chicken Marsala is somewhat ok for me. The meat is fine but it lacks flavor. This is what I ordered btw.

I took a bite of Ruby’s order, the Tuscan Steak. It was all so flavorful, thanks to the herbs mixed in the beef. The meat’s all tender too.

We shared their Classic Lasagna. So tender, so filling, so creamy, just the way we want it! Indeed pasta and pizza are their specialties, I’ll definitely order their pizza and their other pasta specialties next time!

Lemonade for me and iced tea for her.

Me + Her = love love love! <3

We love our dinner date and we love the food. How I wish we have more time to chat and to catch up, but she still had work (boo for graveyard shift sched! >_<) and I still need to go home to rest to get ready for another work day.


I’ll try their pesto and their appetizers next time! 🙂

*** Dear Rubyanne, let’s date again soon! <3


Gotti’s Ristorante

SM Megamall Atrium

EDSA cor. Julia Vargas Ave., Mandaluyong






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