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Please expect the following here on SailorStarCatcher.net:

  • This is a personal blog created and written by me. You can learn more about me here and in my Linkedin. (add me up!)
  • Everything written in this blog is an original piece, unless stated. (mostly press releases)
  • I accept all forms of advertising and sponsorship, and this will be stated in a blog post.
  • All opinions are my own. We always give our honest opinions and experiences on our reviews on products, services and the like.
  • SailorStarCatcher.net is open to cover events related to anime/manga/otaku-related events (pref SailorMoon!), arts, geekery and technology. lifestyle-related events are also welcome.

Should you have opinions, concerns, questions, etc., send me a message at sailorstarcatcher @ gmail . com.

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