Fashion-forward on quarantine: where to find the perfect wardrobe online

The only time where I have to dress up and go at this time is when the stricter quarantine was lifted months ago, and though I am currently working at home, I still need to go somewhere for errands and to take care of important things.

And as someone who prefers wearing dresses and cardigans for work, I always go for Prestarrs for their lovely line of women’s cardigans and fashion coats.

Their cardigans are fashionable and provides comfort, especially if I want to be warm whenever I am in the office, and it’s the best thing to have especially now that we are having the rainy season.

As of now I am using the dresses, tops, blouses, tshirts whenever I’m in an online video for an interview or client meetup so that I will look decent, and whenever I need to go out, I can use my dresses to wear.

Why shop online at Prestarrs?

Their line of clothing are priced reasonably, they ship globally, their sizes ranges from XS to 2XL, which is a good thing for me they also cater to the plus-sized girls.

Here are some of their clothes on their website:

For more of their affordable line of fashionable wardrobes, visit for more.

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