Flashback on the COVID scare, and how I get away with it

Let me share my story that happened last January.

I’ve been down since the first week of January, having dry cough, flu, feeling heavy and been having a massive headaches, and this is despite having my morning sun from our veranda, not going out of the house and taking my daily dose of vitamin c. I remember Papa having the similar symptoms beforehand, and there’s also a time wherein I’m running out of breath.

I resisted going to the hospital for checkup because of the hospital’s current status and having limited funds brought by freelancing, so my sister “sponsored” my checkup at the PGH-Qualimed. but instead of having prescription meds upon checkup, she doctor prescribed on taking the nasal swab test and chest x-ray. This is for them to give me the meds needed for my status.

I get it why they asked me to have myself swabbed, I have the symptoms. it’s been more than a week since i’m down. and they don’t want to be contaminated with the virus. And my parents are also sick I have to do this even if I don’t want to.

Info on PGH’s swab test

There are 2 options for the swab test in PGH – either we take the drive-tru swab test that cost 3,500 pesos or have it scheduled via email that only costs 1,600 pesos. Ofcourse I took the later, emailed PGH for my preferred schedule and went there for swab test. The tests for Seniors and PWD can be availed for free, provided that they also need to schedule it as well. After swabbing, the results will be sent the next day.

The procedure itself triggered my anxiety, and it’s really uncomfortable. though I’ve already planned for something in case I am positive of the virus.

The much-awaited results and the aftermath

random advise: wag kayong gumawa ng fake COVID test results for your personal (lakwatsa) purposes pls lang.

It’s scary to have symptoms similar to COVID, that is why I strongly recommend having yourself tested for your sanity’s sake. We are thankful that we didn’t have the virus despite the demands from the family business and me wanting to be a hermit, and in those (almost) 3 weeks of recovery, I realized that It’s ok to be praning when it comes to your health, for we need to take extra care of ourselves, practice distancing protocols, and be vigilant at all times.

Here’s my go-to things that I had during my confinement:

this is half of the prescribed meds

Derma Science hand Gel – thankful that I received this big bottle of hand gel as an alternative to alcohol last January for their product launch. Been using it since until now. Check my review on Derma Science hand gel here!

Lola Remedios Supplement – every sip is helpful for me (and to all of us) to feel better overall, especially when I’m feeling under the weather. ahhh such a lifesaver! Salamat sa pagmamahal Lola! #LolaCares

Bioflu and other OTC vitamins – This has been our go-to medicine initially since I had fever, cough and flu. It was also recommended by my doctor in order for me to recover from allergic cough and flu.

Honey lemon citron with ginger tea, Pocari Sweat, Gatorade blue – this is for me to recover from electrolytes and to get some decent sleep.

I recommend this!

tea tree oil – effective for cough and for breathing, period.

Covid or no covid, we all need to be vigilant, not going to places for unnecessary meetup/agenda/dates, strictly practice physical distancing and protocols, and wear the face mask and face shield. Sad that these past few months, most people seem to forget the existence of the virus until the numbers suddenly surged again this week. And we now have the PH variant which is more terrifying. Added to that are the slowwwwww acquisition and dissemination of COVID Vaccines.

Will end this post for now, ingat tayong lahat. Nakakapraning magkasakit while dealing with the pandemic. Let’s take care of each other ok? XOXO.

Cristal is a freelance web developer and content creator. She currently enjoys her freedom while learning new things outside the comforts of the office confines. She enjoys writing her geek exploits, tech innovations and many more. Reach out to her via email at sailorstarcatcher@gmail.com for events and many more!

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