From farm-to-table goodness: Source your fruits and veggies from Sagada Harvest Project

This COVID-19 pandemic has caused a major blow for all of us-including the farmers in Sagada who’s only source of living is by farming. The nationwide lockdown has also affected them, giving them a hard time to deliver their harvested goods from the highlands and selling them here in Metro Manila.

For Cordilleran farmers, they suffered more-With this situation they have no more means of getting enough funds to buy seeds for the next harvest, and not having their harvest delivered in the metro means no income for them, and they resort to dumping their harvest to rot.

Though there are organized programs like the “Sustainable Sagada” and “Rural Rising” that helps the farmers in Sagada in this dire situation, the said programs cannot accommodate all harvests from the remote mountain Province.

Upon learning this situation from Christian (one of my very good blogger friends), he initiated the Sagada Harvest Project on social media. This project is to help the farmers in the highlands to sell their fruits, vegetables and other Highland-exclusive goods here in Metro Manila.

With this initiative, along with the help of  Umayat, Menchie Buking of the Department of Agrarian Reform Mt. Province (DAR MP) and other concerned locals, The Sagada Harvest Project is able to sell out 3 tons of combined fruits and vegetables in its first two runs.

The prices of the goods being sold in the Sagada Harvests Project is surprisingly cheaper than the ones sold in the market. And rest assured that everything is fresh from the farms located in the highlands of Sagada.

To know more on the goods and the prices that they are selling, and the schedule of harvests and delivery, follow the Sagada Harvest Project on Facebook and/or contact Christian at  0956-174-8464 (Globe) .

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