Fully Vaccinated!

I am fully vaccinated, woohoo! I think this needs to be documented for all the right reasons, and while we are having the 3rd lockdown, here’s my kwento (and my excuse?) why I only had this few weeks ago.

Admittedly, I am last in the family to be fully vaccinated, not because of the hesitancy of the available vaccines (part of it YES I am very hesitant on getting the widely-available Sinovac vaccine, sorry na po T_T), but I’ve been busy with my two jobs, beating deadlines and because I am working from home, I think there’s less need for me to get jabbed.

Say hello to my Sailor Moon shirt from Oxgn! This is when I got my second AZ shot!

But I was wrong.

You see, I ALSO need to get jabbed for my parentals are taking care of the egg business and they’re dealing with the customers and clients/egg deliveries/etc., outside our residence. My younger brother is always out with his jowa (I think he’s more at risk than we are, kung saan saan siya napupunta eh) My sister has scheduled (physical) client consultations from different areas around Metro Manila. Therefore, I AM AT RISK of getting the virus because they are always outside and they are my closest contacts. With this, I also need to get protected.

Added to that is my virus scare last January, it’s hard to get sick at this time knowing that COVID-19 has the same symptoms as the common flu. we’ll never know if we had one already unless we get tested. (had a nasal test before, it was an uneasy experience tbh so never again!)

Segway lang, I love this Sailor Moon shirt from Oxgn Fashion! <3 Ok back to regular programming~

A few months ago, I got my first Astra Zeneca dose. I experienced firsthand the worst side effects. swelling in the injected arm, headache, fever, tiredness, and lost appetite the day after the jab. I went back to normal after 3 days. This has been experienced by others who got the vaccine (using Astra Zeneca, Pfizer, Moderna, Sinovac, Sputnik V and Janssen) but not everyone has experienced the side effects, which I think they are lucky. (or is it because the vaccine is not administered to them like the one from the viral videos before? idkkkk)

I have to wait for 12 weeks/3 months for my second dose, unlike in other vaccines (except Janssen/J&J) that they only have to wait for a few weeks for their second shot.

All vaccines have impressive efficacy rates against the COVID-19 virus, and while it’s normal to experience the side effects, this is all but temporary. I’d rather experience this than be unprotected by the unseen villain.

But here’s a thing. VACCINES WORK to prevent and/or lessen the COVID symptoms. ALL VACCINES WORK regardless of the BRAND. True as they say, the best COVID vaccine is the one that is now available. It does not guarantee you to be fully protected from the COVD-19 virus as it keeps on mutating (thus the variants), but IT HELPS YOU to prevent the severe/worst symptoms.

That is why aside from the need to be vaccinated, we need to be responsible when we are outside of our homes by wearing our masks and face shields (only when outside), clean our hands, lessen the interaction and do social distancing. And only go outside when it’s really needed. (sorry (not sorry) friends if I still don’t want to see you, maybe when the pandemic is over?)

So if you can and if it’s already available in your area, please vaccinate for your safety, for your loved ones, for the people around you, and to get our lives back to normal.

With this, I commend the Manila LGU, our Yorme Isko Moreno Domagoso and VM Honey Lacuna-Pangan, the frontliners, health care workers, and our taxpayers for the fast, efficient, and organized vaccine rollout in different areas in Manila. I see other cities doing the same (I applaud them for the fast, organized rollouts), I can only wish that other local government units (esp. in provinces) will do the same, esp. now that most of the cases are now seen in the provinces.

If you’re from Manila, visit https://manilacovid19vaccine.ph/home.php to register and to get a slot for the COVID vaccine. For non-Manila residents, message your LGU on how to register and to check for updates for possible walk-in slots for vaccines.

*avail of the freebies and discounts from different restaurants and establishments just by being fully vaccinated, visit https://www.ingat-angat.com/benefits for the list!

Cristal is a freelance web developer and content creator. She currently enjoys her freedom while learning new things outside the comforts of the office confines. She enjoys writing her geek exploits, tech innovations and many more. Reach out to her via email at sailorstarcatcher@gmail.com for events and many more!

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